Is the iPhone 13 the Ultimate Stockpile Measurement Tool?

Author: Stockpile Reports

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September means two things: the start of football season and new iPhone models are announced. We eagerly watched the Apple event today to see what new iPhone features will improve stockpile measurements with our new SR Measure app.

While this year didn’t bring any ground breaking announcements as in years past such as larger screens, 5G, or LiDAR, the new iPhone 13 does have a few improvements that are worth the upgrade. Read on to see what updates we believe makes the iPhone 13 the ultimate stockpile measurement tool.


Lightning Quick Processing

A15 Bion

Apple announced their latest, most advanced chipset yet for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. By now, the iPhone is likely faster than the PC in your office. Why are we excited? The new chipset means shorter processing times for on-device stockpile measurement functionality currently in development for the SR Measure app.

At the time of writing this article, the iPhone 13 has not been released. However, we expect the processing time for on-device stockpile measurement to be reduced to just a few seconds. This is important when making critical, in the moment decisions based on inventory volumes.

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Re-Engineered Cameras

iPhone 13 Pro Camera

Apple spent a lot of time on the iPhone 13 camera improvements, and for a good reason. Every camera on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro have been upgraded. However, they spent more time showing off new capabilities such as macro photography and focus racking…improvement that only matter to professional photographers and filmmakers. There is still great news: the cameras perform up to 2.2x better in low light situations. Think about those early morning and evening measurements where the sun is near the horizon. Typically this is a situation where you get blurry, dark video capture – not ideal for stockpile measurement. The improved low light capability gives you more flexibility around these situations. It just might make the difference between getting that end of day measurement or not.

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Longest Battery Life Ever

iPhone 13 Battery Life

iPhone battery management has always been an issue. We don’t have the typical desk job where you can keep our iPhone plugged in all day. Thankfully, between a bigger battery and a more efficient chipset, Apple added 2.5 hours of battery like to their iPhone 13 Pro Max and 1.5 hours to the non-max sized iPhones. Every extra minute of battery life may make the difference between getting that last stockpile measurement or having to go back to the truck to wait for a recharge.

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Is the iPhone 13 the Ultimate Stockpile Measurement Tool? Time will tell.

The new iPhone 13 model was announced today so we have not had a chance to get our hands on one. We will be sure to measure stockpiles as soon as the iPhones are released later this month. If you are currently using an iPhone 7 or 8, this will be a huge improvement for stockpile measurement. Compared to last years iPhone 12 models, we will need to get more hands on comparison tests to know the difference.

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