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Our Story

Stockpile Reports is a patented platform for inventory management and production tracking focused on various industries, such as aggregates, cement, ready-mixed concrete, landscape materials, mining, metals and minerals, construction, DOTs, and more. We provide a unique solution to a common problem – managing inventory efficiently, eliminating write-offs, and tracking production.

We Are Customer-Centric

Our best leads are referrals and word of mouth. We are focused on providing stellar customer service and it shows. Trust is a big deal and we tell it like it is. We do what we say we are going to do. We are there for our customers, starting at on-boarding and then throughout the entire process. Having measured stockpiles in over 35 countries, we have seen every possible site configuration and stockpile you can imagine. Hundreds of companies trust Stockpile Reports to be their partner to reduce write-offs, get inventory under control, and track production.

A History of Innovation

In 2012, Stockpile Reports set out to deploy an easy to use, timely, and cost-effective inventory management and measurement platform. Launching an easy to use dashboard, connecting with drone pilots around the country to create our own team of pilots, and developing the first and only patented iPhone stockpile measurement app, we made an immediate impact.

It is our goal to help companies leverage digital efficiency and improve their businesses starting with inventory management and production tracking. We have a history of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, we are always making improvements, developing additional features, and increasing functionality for users. We believe in the right tool for the right job, providing more features, data, and easy to use tools – iPhone application, drone uploader for off the shelf drones, and now a fixed camera solution. Our clients can measure on their own or we can measure for you.

Our Solution is Second to None

Our platform reduces risk, improves profitability, provides transparency and accountability, and much more:

  • You have access to top-notch customer service
  • You can measure inventory with our patented smartphone iPhone application
  • You get measurements at all of your sites in a single day with our drone pilots
  • Your measurement reports are provided for verification within 24 hours
  • You can schedule all of your aerial flights for one to hundreds of sites within seconds via our dashboard
  • Your subscription offers unlimited users and measurements
  • You have access to comprehensive training and onboarding for your team
  • You will see benefits such as reduced write-offs, inventory dispute resolution, and production tracking
  • Your business can scale with Stockpile Reports and have no limit on the number of stockpiles or sites

Industry Stats

300+ Customers

in several thousand locations

Across 48 Countries


3 Billion Cubic Yards

of material since 2012 from over

30 Million

images taken by SR customers

Awards & Featured Stories

Asphalt Contractor Top 30 Editors Choice 2017 | Stockpile Reports
June 2013 Rock Products Magazine Cover | Stockpile Reports
AASHTO Nominee | Stockpile Reports

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