What’s Automated in Stockpile Reports? Virtually Everything.

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The Dirty Secrets of Stockpile Inventory Management | Part One | Stockpile Reports

We want to take care of your inventory management so you can get back to the real work:  Whether that’s production, sales, operations, or fishing.

Every automated step replaces labor time.  See more about the cost comparison compared to traditional methods.

What’s automated in Stockpile Reports?

  • 3D Surface Modeling, 3D Reconstruction, and Image Processing 
    Each pile is reconstructed and modeled by tens of thousands to millions of points. No need for manual tie-points, expensive hardware, or precise walking paths.
  • Obstruction detection 
    Automatically finds objects that are obscuring the view of the pile surface.
  • Auto-removal of Obstructions
    Automatically removes objects that are obscuring the view of the pile surface so that the object is not included in the pile’s volume calculation.
  • Risk Assessment
    Automatically quantifies the amount of potential sources of risk in a measured volume based on factors such as obstructions, vegetation, equipment, water, and missing info.
  • Automatic, Precise Toe Detection
    Automatically identifies the toe of a pile to precisely isolate a pile from the ground on which it sits.
  • Robust Volumetric Calculations
    Automatically determines the volume of a pile even with a complex surface shape and on uneven ground.
  • Informative Visualizations
    Automatically generates intuitive 3D models and 2D contours to visualize and understand the shape of the pile.

iPhone Automations:

  • Intelligent Capture Alerts
    Warns you if your walk around the pile has too much rotation, camera shake, or potential for sun flare.
  • Auto-upload & Fully-automated Processing
    Automated end-to-end pipeline from collection on the ground to the volumetric result.
  • Robust Data Extraction from Video
    Automatically selects the best parts of the recorded video to use for 3D reconstruction; automatically corrects for user mistakes by ignoring blurry video frames or frames where the pile wasn’t in view.
  • Automatic Cone Detection
    Automatically finds and precisely measures the distance between the reference cones in the measurement.

Aerial Automation:

  • Automatic Pile Detection
    Automatically figures out where the piles are on your site.
  • Automatic Geo-registration
    Automatically figures out the size of your size and its position on earth; no need for ground control points or expensive hardware.

Other Automation features:

  • Intuitive Change Visualization
    Clearly sees where material has been added and removed.
  • Automatic and Precise Site Registration
    Automatically determines the exact relationship between different reconstructions of a site by finding hundreds of thousands of tie points to align the reconstructions; no need for ground control points or expensive hardware.

Learn more about the science behind our technology from our Sr. Researcher, Jared Heinly.  [VIDEO]

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