Welcoming Brooke Steele, Our Newest Sr. Research Engineer

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Welcoming Brooke Steele, Our Newest Sr. Research Engineer | Stockpile Reports

Brooke Steele joins Stockpile Reports as the Senior Research Engineer with the goal of continuing to grow and improve the Stockpile Reports platform for inventory measurement and management.

Brooke comes to Stockpile Reports with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Her combined education and experience will take Stockpile Reports to the next level.

Prior to joining our team, she taught biomedical engineering as an Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, worked as a systems engineer for Wasatch Photonics, developing software for optical coherence tomography using laser technology, and as a senior software engineer for SizeSteam,  a 3D body scanning technology company that produces custom, made to measure clothing. Her deep knowledge and appreciation of computers, technology, code, and the translation to products are invaluable to the Stockpile Reports team.

Fun Fact: Brooke discovered her love for code and programming in graduate school where she developed a surgical planning simulator.


Brooke Steele & Husband | Stockpile Reports

Originally born in Hawaii, Brooke primarily grew up in Georgia, where her family moved as part of her father’s Air Force military career. After leaving for college, her family moved to Denver, where they still reside today. Outside of work, Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband of 6 years, Chris, their two cats, Bubby and Tuxie. When Brooke and her husband aren’t working or traveling, they’re enjoying their cabin in western North Carolina, hiking, kayaking, biking, and “Netflixing.”

Why Stockpile Reports?

Brooke is looking forward to being a part of the team and bringing her love for “solving the next big puzzle” to Stockpile Reports. She enjoys troubleshooting, problem-solving, improving and developing new processes, and making tools and technology better, faster, and more efficient. She is most excited that CEO, David Boardman, and the team are laser-focused on the product and application that they want to be the best at and they are already looking towards the future of Stockpile Reports and how they can serve customers in impactful ways.

With years of experience, we are excited to have a passionate team member focused on product development and improvement. We want to continue to grow our product and service offering to help bulk material companies improve their business operations through efficient inventory measurement and management.

To contact Stockpile Reports, please call us at  +1 (425) 285-4303 or info@stockpilereports.com.

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