Welcome Graham, a Powerhouse of Product Talent

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Welcome Graham, a Powerhouse of Product Talent | Stockpile Reports

The Stockpile Reports team has added yet another talent powerhouse to our diverse team. Graham Stinson is our new Director of Product.

He has his sights set on ensuring that our products are operating in tip-top shape, and meeting and exceeding customer expectations. His background and experience with design, technology, and customer service make him a great addition to the team

O Canada!

Welcome Graham, a Powerhouse of Product Talent | Stockpile Reports

Graham was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and raised in Edmonton, Alberta where he received a diploma in Graphic Design and another in Music from MacEwan University. Graham’s wife, Meredith, was originally from San Diego, CA. After they married, they found themselves moving back to the U.S. Finding their new home together in Seattle, Graham partnered with Stockpile Reports’ very own Tony Jacobson, founding a design collective in 2001.

Fun Fact: Graham was among the first Match.com marriages (1997). He now has three beautiful daughters with his wife, Meredith.

 In Graham’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Meredith, three daughters, Fiona, Lucy, and Hannah, and their dog, Poppy. Taking after their dad, Graham’s daughters are all passionate about music and art. They also own a small, family t-shirt company called spacedonut. Graham is also an amateur beekeeper!

Welcome Graham, a Powerhouse of Product Talent | Stockpile Reports

A History of Integrating Design with Technology

Graham went on to work for Microsoft on the Zune product, a competitor of the Apple iPod, and then spent the next 10 years of his career working for ACS Technologies, where he focused on designing and building computer software for churches.

Graham attributes his work ethic, collaborative personality, and leadership mentality to owning and operating a design firm. “We were confident but recognized and valued each person’s contribution. We listened and we designed with a purpose. We hired people who were uniquely different from us because that made us successful.” His passion for customer-centric design and its integration with technology is credited to his time at Microsoft and ACS Technologies. “This was a pivotal time for me. I cared less about the statement I wanted to make for myself, but rather creating for our customers, and thinking first about meeting their needs.”

Why Stockpile Reports?

His experience at ACS Technologies was likely one of the most impactful of his career, he said. Graham led a small team of UX designers and researchers, serving the 900,000 active users of the software. He emphasized three takeaways from his experience:

  1. The importance of a healthy, diverse team of unique talent. His determination to work collaboratively with his team to create a powerful solution makes him a valuable member of any team he is on. Graham said that he’s most excited about joining our team because it is made up of diverse talent, all with the common goal of making companies more efficient and profitable.
  2. How to listen to clients and users to continually develop. It was Graham’s role to continually develop the software by implementing new features and design improvements to increase usability and engagement, but he knew that there were multiple audiences and, much like Stockpile Reports, each has unique needs. Graham is looking forward to supporting customers at Stockpile Reports. Whether you are in the aggregates industry or the landscape materials industry, you have one fundamental asset – inventory and one fundamental problem – tracking and quantifying inventory efficiently.
  3. The importance of integrating people, data, and processes into the product lifecycle. Commonly referred to as product management, Graham is tasked with managing Stockpile Reports’ products and prioritizing and planning for the product lifecycle. Graham brings experience, determination, and solutions to Stockpile Reports. He is excited to solve interesting problems, serve customers, improve user experience, detail new processes and help lead Stockpile Reports into the future.

If your company is ready to tackle a massive inventory tracking problem and become more efficient and profitable, it’s time to consider Stockpile Reports. To contact us, please call +1 (425) 285-4303 or email us.

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