What are Verified Reports and Why Should You Care?

Author: Stockpile Reports

What are Verified Reports and Why Should You Care? | Stockpile Reports

How confident are you in your measurement system?

How do you know you can trust the list of inventory numbers someone gives you? What if a pile has a foot of water surrounding half its base? What if there’s another pile combined with it on one end? What if half the pile is covered in vegetation? When you’re looking at just raw numbers there’s a lot of potential risk burried behind that number. That’s why we’ve built Verified Reports.

With Stockpile Reports and our Verified Reports, you know you have an inventory management system you can take to the bank – literally. Measurements, whether by airplane, drone or iPhone app, are translated into our easy-to-read reports. Knowing what you have on the ground is of primary importance—you need to control the movement and measurement of your materials at all times, for production, accurate deliveries, invoicing, and financial records.

Stockpile Reports is the only solution that offers Verified Reports. With Verified Reports the measurements get scored on how well the person performing the measurement captured the pile details, automatically highlighting areas of the pile toe or surface that they missed. Additionally the system automatically detects pile condition risks and highlights those risks. Now, when you’re looking at a inventory number on a pile in Stockpile Reports, you know with an exact sense of confidence whether you can trust that number or not.

A surveyor can give you a list of inventory results after spending half a day at your site, but how many guesses and estimates did they have to make on those numbers? What choice did they make on those two combined piles? What choice did they make on that pile half covered in vegetation? Did they over estimate? Under estimate? With Verified Reports, our system will automatically highlight exactly where the system made an estimate. Whenever the person doing the measurement didn’t capture part of the pile, or wherever there were obstructions blocking the pile surface or toe, you’ll see exactly where and how much that happened for every single measurement.

Then you can make easy, confident decisions, on questionable piles, whether to have someone clean up that pile and remeasure, or decide that the measurement is good enough as it stands. You can then submit your inventory numbers to accounting with great confidence, that you won’t have big write-offs and the end of the year.

Your inventory is too important for guesswork and rough estimates. Accuracy is required for profitability—production, deliveries, invoicing, ordering, and year-end accounting all rely on knowing exactly how much you have at any given time. With Verified Reports, you have the tools to keep your business one step ahead of the competition.


If you’d like to see a live demo of Verified Reports in action, or would like to just discuss your inventory needs with us, we’d be happy to talk!

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