True Inventory Management at Scale

True Inventory Management at Scale

Whether you’re managing just one site or several hundred sites across the globe, there’s no quicker, safer, more cost-effective solution than Stockpile Reports.

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Announcing Live Volumes and a Pile-centric Dashboard
Inventory Management with Stockpile Reports
Stockpile Measurement with Other Drone-only Solutions
Scalable To Your Whole Team Get inventory done quickly! Empower your whole team to participate via our iPhone app, or have our pilots fly for you.
No Back-office Work All you have to do is fly the drone, measure with the iPhone app, or have our pilots fly your sites. Our system handles all the rest the work for you.
Considered 3rd-party Because the Stockpile Reports system automatically processes your measurements, it’s not only quicker, but is free from internal influence over results. Our process is auditor approved.
Dispute Resolution The who, what, and when of all aspects of the inventory process are automatically tracked, making it simple to track down answers and additional info. Whether it's issues with measurement, finance, or the material owner—we'll handle it.
Auto-removal of Obstructions Our system automatically removes obstructions like stackers and other site equipment, making your measurements true to reality.
Measurement Scoring The Stockpile Reports system auto identifies environment risks and improperly measured piles, enabling you to stay on top of your site conditions and team performance.
Bottlenecked By Small Team Drone-only solutions are limited to use by the small group of people with the drones. Inventory is bottlenecked.
Lots of Back-office Work You’re responsible to mark and process all your piles. The more you measure, the more back-office work you have to do.
Not 3rd-party Because your employees are doing the work of generating the measurement, it opens the door to unwanted influence over the numbers and makes your inventory non-friendly to auditors.
No Dispute Resolution You’ll be weighed down with time-consuming wild goose chases to figure out who did what and when. You’re on the line to justify the measurement.
No Obstruction Removal Stackers and other site equipment measured by other drone solutions aren’t removed and cause inflated inventory numbers, introducing unwanted risk in your measurements.
No Measurement Scoring No way to tell when piles are good or bad. All you get is the raw numbers with no auto analysis of pile and site conditions.
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John DeLong

President of Hawaiian Cement
“For the first time, our supervisors and managers have a tool to quickly, inexpensively and accurately measure stockpile tonnage at the end of the month or even at the end of their shifts. Gone are the days of costly inventory adjustments or production shortfalls.”

Mark Crain

VP of Operations, Lane Construction
“I can’t tell you how much time it has saved us as auditors reviewed our year end accounts. We would spend countless hours in January and February tracking down missing information, and sending people to sites to gather info. Having consistent month-to-month data made for one really happy corporate finance team.”


World Map Customers
3,102 sites in 25 countries and counting. Hundreds of millions of tonnage worth several billions of dollars.

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