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With Stockpile Reports, you can measure every pile, any time to solve your inventory management, operations, and logistics problems. Pick the right tools, measure your inventory, get results, and make powerful business decisions based on inventory numbers you can trust.

SR for Inventory

Using an iPhone, drone, or aircraft, you can quickly and easily measure your stockpile inventory and have stockpile volume reports back within hours. Our patented stockpile measurement app allows you to measure stockpiles whenever and wherever you are. Our drone solution allows you (or us) to fly larger worksites with any number of stockpiles in minutes. No more hassle and consistent data to back up your business decisions.

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SR for Logistics

Streamlining your company's logistics onsite has never been easier. Whether you are a DOT with salt piles that need to be monitored regularly or a company that frequently runs short on inventory, we'll install fixed cameras to monitor inventory levels in near-real-time, auto-triggering reorders with dispatch. No more fear of running out or coming up short. You'll never miss an order again and DOTs will never run out of salt when they need it most.

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Industries We Serve

Stockpile Reports is a patented platform for inventory management and production tracking focused on various industries, such as aggregates, cement, ready-mixed concrete, landscape materials, mining, metals and minerals, construction, DOTs, and more. We provide a unique solution to a common problem – managing inventory efficiently, eliminating write-offs, and tracking production.

Aggregates | Industries We Serve | Stockpile Reports


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Asphalt | Industries | Stockpile Reports


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Cement | Industries | Stockpile Reports


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DOTs & County Governments | Industries | Stockpile Reports

DOTs & County Governments

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Forestry & Paper Products | Industries | Stockpile Reports

Forestry & Paper Products

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Landscape Materials | Industries | Stockpile Reports

Landscape Materials

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Metal & Recycling | Industries | Stockpile Reports

Metal & Recycling

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Mining & Minerals | Industries | Stockpile Reports

Mining & Minerals

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Ready-Mix Concrete | Industries | Stockpile Reports

Ready Mix Concrete

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Other Industries We Serve | Industries | Stockpile Reports

Other Industries

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