The Best Stockpile Measurement System in the World

The Best Stockpile Measurement System in the World

Whether you’re managing just one site or several hundred sites across the globe, there’s no quicker, safer, more cost-effective solution than Stockpile Reports.

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See what makes Stockpile Reports so good

Right Tool for the Right Job


Easy and safe. Order aerial imagery for any of your locations. You don’t even need to leave your desk. Measurements show up the next day!


Be in full control. Easily upload your drone imagery with drag-n-drop simplicity. Processing happens automatically.


For smaller piles and piles where planes and drones can’t fly, use our patented iPhone app. It’s the only ground-based stockpile image measurement technology in the market! Mobilize your whole team to help with measurements. Anyone with an iPhone can measure a pile. Simply walk the perimeter of the pile while pointing the phone at the pile surface. We’ll do all the rest!

Our Team

End to End Service Teams

We have deeply experienced measurement experts available to work with you. Whether you want consulting on storage and management best practices, guidance and training, deployments and rollouts, customer service reviews and inquiries, or anything else you need to be successful. We’re here for you!

World-leading PhD Scientists

We have image processing geniuses that have built the system from the ground up. No stockpile is too hard!

Our Technology

Patented Computer Vision Algorithms

Our computer vision scientists have custom-made the image processing platform and algorithms that power all your stockpile measurement needs. There are no “off-the-shelf” toys that other providers use.

Volume, Power, and Speed

Our cloud-based infrastructure is built to handle massive bandwidth. Whether measurements from one site or your entire global inventory, we can take anything you can throw at us.

Measurements at Scale

With Stockpile Reports you can measure hundreds of sites in days instead of weeks!

Measurements with Stockpile Reports are considered 3rd-party. Rest assured that all your compliance needs will be satisfied.

Verified Reports

Verified Report Pile Details Grouping
Our computer vision algorithms can help identify problem piles where there are measurement risks from vegetation, equipment, debris, standing water, and more!

Set your own company-wide thresholds. Any pile that doesn’t meet your standards can be automatically flagged.
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John DeLong

President of Hawaiian Cement
“For the first time, our supervisors and managers have a tool to quickly, inexpensively and accurately measure stockpile tonnage at the end of the month or even at the end of their shifts. Gone are the days of costly inventory adjustments or production shortfalls.”

Scott Thayn

South Area Aggregates Manager, Geneva Rock
“Using Stockpile Reports with our eBee drone has allowed us to spend more time flying - and less time processing data. In addition, one central location to track our inventories helps our managers by providing a simple way to know what is on the ground so decisions can be made without the guesswork.”


World Map Customers
1,798 sites in 21 countries and counting. Hundreds of millions of tonnage worth several billions of dollars.

Drone measurements have increased 291% year over year.
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