“There’s Something Wrong With These Numbers.”

Author: Stockpile Reports

"There's Something Wrong With These Numbers." | Stockpile Reports

Customers make stockpile measurements with our system and upload the measurement data for processing.

A few hours after upload, the results are displayed online with the tonnage, volume and location with contour mapping and corresponding video. Customers are typically very pleased with their report results.

However, occasionally our Sales Support team receive phone calls from customers concerned about their reports. They say, “There’s something wrong with these numbers,” after studying the tonnage results.

The team at Stockpile Reports test, and retest our system for accuracy. When our customers say there is a discrepancy in our reporting numbers, we take what they say seriously. The first thing we do is look for errors in measurement and data processing.

After working closely with the first few customers concerned that reported volume numbers was much lower than recorded in their inventory, Stockpile Reports managed to solve the mystery of the mis-matched numbers.

Our customers’ belt scales were out of calibration.

In fact, for one of our customers their belt scales were so inaccurate that the expected weight of 40,000 tons measured was actually half that amount. It’s no wonder they called us!

Sadly, belt discrepancy is not unusual. Belt scales go out of calibration for varying reasons. This includes but is not limited to: errors between different materials, affects of differing belt speeds, a mis-match between static calibration and live performance, belt tension, material slip, maintenance or plain-old ‘user error’.

Our customers discovered that measuring material using the Stockpile Reports system is an excellent solution for validating and reducing over/under producing due to improper belt scale calibrations.

Avoid a nasty surprise for your company. Catch belt scale calibration issues early and avoid write-offs later in the year. Contact us to see if your company qualifies for a No-Cost Trial.

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