Nine Ways Companies can Save or Make More Money with Stockpile Reports

Author: Stockpile Reports

Nine Ways Companies can Save or Make More Money with Stockpile Reports

Autumn is officially here, and although the Northwest has experienced a lot of rainy weather activity, it hasn’t slowed Stockpile Reports down. In fact, this has been a very busy month out in the field. Our customers have measured seven-million tons of construction aggregates.

Here are the current 9 top ways the Stockpile Reports measurement service is being used by companies to save or make more money:

  1. Avoiding end of year write-offs
  2. Validating buy/sale amounts with 3rd parties
  3. Reducing over/under producing due to improper belt scale calibrations
  4. Optimizing logistics measuring delivery amounts at harbors
  5. Reducing stock outs
  6. Reducing labor time and third party expenses related to measurements
  7. Reducing internal labor cost – measurements and data management
  8. Reducing capital expenses on measuring equipment
  9. Providing documented materials inventory to banks to support financing

The Stockpiles iPhone® application requires no capital expense. Simply download the application to your iPhone 4S/5/5C device, and contact Stockpile Reports, Inc. about Early Adopter pricing for the companion service.

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