Top 3 Trends in The Bulk Materials Industries

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Top 3 Trends in The Bulk Materials Industries | Blog | Stockpile Reports

The AGG1 / World of Asphalt conference set record attendance this year and Stockpile Reports took had a front row seat to gauge the pulse of the bulk materials industries.

Read on to find out what top three trends emerged from the show. Also, learn how Stockpockpile Reports is revolutionizing bulk material logistics and how we are solving client’s inventory problems…

Top 3 Trends from AGG1/WOA

Many topics of discussion were floating around at this year’s AGG1/WOA conference. Topics ranged from challenges of hiring young talent, educational basics for new managers, latest in machine control technology, etc. Here are the top three trends that we saw emerge from the conference.

Top 3 Trends from AGG1/WOA | Stockpile Reports

The Drone Hype is Over…

The biggest trend (or lack thereof) at the conference was the hype of drones and new drone hardware is over. In the past, drones were on display at many exhibitor booths and a majority of attendees would stop by to talk drone tech. The industry, on a whole, used to be more interested in the drone hardware than solving business problems.

Drones have been integrated into numerous companies in the past couple of years. Quickly, the hype is disappearing as companies are finding out drones are merely tools, not the solutions themselves. Learning sessions revolving around drones were less focused on what a drone is and more focused on how to integrate drones, strategies for deployment, and potential use cases.

The Drone Hype is Over... | Stockpile Reports

At Stockpile Reports, we have always stood by the saying that hardware is just a tool to help solve a business problem. Conversations we experienced at our booth were focused on how we can save companies time and money while simplifying their inventory process. Drones were only a topic as a tool in a client’s toolset that could be utilized to capture an inventory.

Heavy Machinery is Still King

We canvased numerous attendees at the show to ask what they came to see. Overwhelmingly, one of the top answers was to check out the latest improvements in heavy machinery. We found there was no shortage of loaders, screening plants, mixers, roller, etc. The AGG1 / World of Asphalt exhibition floor was a one-stop shop for learning about the latest machinery and technology.

Heavy Machinery is Still King | Stockpile Reports

Logistics is Still a Problem to be Solved

Logistics is clearly a major issue for bulk materials companies. Problems range from truck driver shortages, fleet management issues, integrating telematics, etc. The Road to Rock stage hosted several talks regarding logistics with many big industry employees in attendance.

David Boardman, CEO of Stockpile Reports, discussing Logistics with Mark Kuhar, Editor-in-Chief of Rock Products Magazine
David Boardman, CEO of Stockpile Reports, discussing Logistics with Mark Kuhar, Editor-in-Chief of Rock Products Magazine

We proudly announced at the show our newest solution: Stockpile Reports for Logistics. Our new solution adds near real time continuous inventory levels to existing logistics software solutions to give companies a giant boost to the return on investment for their enterprise logistics plans.

Read More to Find Out About Stockpile Reports for Logistics 

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About our Service

We had an opportunity to interview our clients and ask how they are utilizing Stockpile Reports to improve inventory processes, reduce write-off, streamline their audit process, and reduce risk. Watch below to see what they were saying…

Stockpile Reports Improves Inventory Consistency, 3rd Party Disputes, and Auditing​ for The Blain Co.

Maury Margol from business development discusses with Jason Brewer, Project/Area Manager for The Blain Companies, how Stockpile Reports has benefited his company.

Stockpile Reports Enables Ontario Trap Rock to be Internally Independent on Inventory Controls

Frank Hurkmans, regional sales manager at Ontario Trap Rock, explains how Stockpile Reports has enabled his company to no longer be dependent on third-party vendors for inventory control. Stockpile Reports allows them to measure inventory on their schedule.

Stockpile Reports Makes Inventory Management Easier and Safer for Edw. C Levy Co.

Ryan Hyatt, Operations Manager at Edw C. Levy Co., discusses how Stockpile Reports has made his inventory management process easier and safer than previous measurement methods.

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