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It might feel like it has been a long time coming, but spring weather has finally arrived in most locations!

A few of us at Stockpile Reports play golf and have been watching the PGA Tournaments and following players.

We realized that there are a lot of lessons from this sport that also relates to measuring stockpile inventory. Many of our clients are avid golfers, too— and some of them are very good! So for this blog post, we thought we’d use a few golf analogies that seem appropriate for April.

1) Check your equipment

Companies don’t need much equipment to measure your piles, but they do need to be up-to-date. You need two solid colored, triangular shaped, smooth-sided orange cones, 18” tall and over. Cones should be clean, smooth and bright orange– so if they have gotten muddy during spring weather, wipe them off. You also need to ensure the cones are spaced correctly apart before you measure your pile. Do you know where your tape measure is? It might be time to get a new one. And of course, you need an iPhone with your Login and Password as part of your subscription. Make sure the newest Stockpiles App version has been downloaded into your iPhone.

2) Practice first

Before beginning your measurement, walk around the stockpile first. This will help you to walk smooth and steady when you begin recording. Doing this will help you avoid hazards such as slippery spots, mud, bumps, and water.

3) Tee up when the sun is not low on the horizon

When possible, collect data during the day while the sun is not low on the horizon. Avoid early morning sunrise and late afternoon measurements. This helps prevent both washed out imagery as well as lens flare— and you will be able to see better without the sun in your eyes.

4) Don’t get caught in the rough

Pile maintenance is very important. Clear away the brush and weeds that might be growing out of, or in front of, any long-standing piles so measurements are actually measuring material inventory, not weeds. This also helps increase visibility around your site. Your team will be able to walk more safely around the piles.

5) Get some help

Start your busiest season with the correct fundamentals. Did you know that there are video tutorials and other tips online for you? Look in the Help area if you are at a computer, or navigate to the Help tab on your Stockpiles App. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Thankfully, you don’t need years of training, practice and talent like PGA stars to be a success. Measuring stockpile inventory using an iPhone is a lot easier and faster! Every stockpile is cash on the ground. It might look brown, or grey, or many other colors when you view it, but it is definitely a shade of green to an accountant or finance department.

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