Time is Money — How Much Are You Spending?

Author: Stockpile Reports

Time is Money — How Much Are You Spending? | Stockpile Reports

It was 1748 when Benjamin Franklin wrote “Time is Money.”

Today this phrase seems especially relevant considering how competitive businesses must be, and how quickly information travels around the globe.

But what did Franklin mean? Well, this phrase refers to “opportunity cost”. Opportunity Cost, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary is “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen”.

Opportunity costs are not restricted just to monetary or financial costs. It also refers to forgone output, lost time, or any other benefit. It applies to everyday decisions about how best to spend limited time or money to ensure that scarce resources are used efficiently.

What does this have to do with stockpile measurement?

Many of our customers are extremely busy from Spring through Fall, and are working hard to supply their customers with material almost as fast as they can produce it.

It can be extremely challenging to measure piles in busy quarries. The challenges range from budgeting constraints, trained staff, mechanical resources, availability during the day to measure, and unpredictable seasonal storms.

Whatever the reasons, though, material that isn’t accurately measured can’t be reliably sold and subsequently used.

There are many ways to measure stockpiles, varying from the thumb to walking wheel, GPS, Laser and Aerial. The associated decision-making for which method to use is related to the equipment cost, schedule arrangements with a third party, how many people need to be involved, pricing for services, accessibility of each stockpile and the degree of accuracy needed.

That’s where Stockpile Reports comes in as a new alternative for stockpile inventory measurement.

Now you have another choice: businesses can use an iPhone to take stockpile measurements of most piles, with a very high degree of accuracy, comparable to laser. Users can measure an entire site in hours. You’ll receive a site report and a stockpile report with the material tonnage, volume, location with a contour map and corresponding video the next business day in most cases!

It only takes minutes for users to measure most stockpiles, and training is easy. Plus, there isn’t expensive equipment needed or to be ordered.

Our patent-pending technology is new, but we already have major clients here in the US and globally. We’ve got accuracy tests and data we’d be pleased to personally share with you.

Try it for yourself. Save time and make more money. Simply contact us to see if your company qualifies for a No-Cost trial.

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