185 Stockpile Measurements in One Hour

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185 Stockpile Measurements in One Hour | Blog | Stockpile Reports

A client is conducting a yearly inventory, and measuring thousands of stockpiles this month, from a multitude of locations.

We had anticipated this in advance, and were waiting to see just how large the wave of incoming data was going to be.

Well, we quickly found out. For example, just this week the client’s team members measured 185 stockpiles in one hour using iPhones. How do we know that? The team uploaded the data from those 185 stockpiles into our platform for processing during that one hour.

Can your stockpile measurement service handle that scale of data load? We did.

No System Crashes, No Downtime, No Excuses

Not only did we ‘handle’ it, but every single one of those stockpiles had complete, detailed stockpile reports available within hours after the upload. No system crashes, no downtime, no excuses.

This doesn’t include the hundreds of other reports that were generated within the same day for our other clients— nor the thousands of report results that we’ve been cumulatively generating this month.

The engineering team behind Stockpile Reports are not strangers to big challenges and big data. They built the patent-pending, image-based engine that reconstructs billions of pixels from 2D images into 3D models.

Our parent company URCV was recently in the news demonstrating a very unique capability. UNC Department of Computer Science and URCV partnered together and built 12,903 3D models of world landmarks in six days, using Yahoo’s publicly available collection of 100 million crowd-sourced photos and a single PC.

World landmarks were constructed using computer vision and 3D modeling techniques. The software program took 4.4 days to stream and cluster the entire 14-terabyte dataset on a single computer, before building the 3D models of each of those sites. Stacked on top of each other, these photos would reach into the middle of the stratosphere of the earth (twice as high as airplane cruise altitude).

An iPhone Stockpile Measurement Method

If your enterprise has 50, 200, 500, 1000s or 10,000 stockpiles that need to be measured regularly, contact us. We’re ready and we deliver.

We’re not just the only iPhone stockpile measurement method on the market. Stockpile Reports is also an image-based stockpile inventory management system that enables company-wide measurement of stockpiles.

Did you know that we also utilize data from aerial and drone imagery? Aerial measurements are great if your sites are spread out geographically, or if you have large stockpiles, or piles that are unsafe to walk around.

We can enable your enterprise to input multiple sources of collection data via regular measurements, removing the surprise factor from inventory results. Stockpile Reports is happy to find you a solution for your inventory measurements, too!

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