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One powerful and often overlooked benefit of the stockpile inventory iPhone app is the ability to spot-check inbound and outbound deliveries and orders.

The ability to spot-check enables companies to hold vendors accountable for the products they’re delivering and employees accountable for taking frequent measurements to aid in dispute resolution. An employee can quickly measure a newly delivered stockpile of inventory to ensure that the amount ordered was the amount received. They can do so in tight or restricted spaces, and they can take measurements without jeopardizing their safety.

Stockpile inventory measurements are time-stamped and the location is saved. All measurements are archived so they can be used for dispute resolution should problems arise. Companies are able to quickly pull up any stockpile volume reports via the online dashboard allowing them to quickly resolve issues with data-backed information.

Because anyone with an iPhone can take stockpile inventory measurements, companies can expect the following benefits in addition to spot-checking orders:

  • To take more frequent inventory counts. More frequent counts mean you will identify issues before month- and year-end write-offs materialize. Measuring your inventory on a monthly or even weekly basis is possible with the iPhone app. You will expose inventory variances before they become a massive write-off risk.
  • To shorten your inventory measurement time significantly. When you partner with us, you enable your entire team to measure with the iPhone app. You can send everyone out at once and get inventory done across your company all at once. This works great for DOTs, county governments or mobile crushers, where piles are dispersed throughout the state or county. Only have a few, small piles? This is still a major, time-saving benefit.
  • To improve your worksite safety exponentially. You’ll be able to keep employees off stockpiles, ensuring that your employees will be safer. Because employees won’t be climbing around or on piles, you’ll be less likely to experience a fatal injury, impacting production and profitability. A worksite injury or fatality can put a plant out of production for weeks or months. These injuries can put a company out of business altogether depending on the severity and financial position of the compy. Can you afford to go without revenue for a few months?
  • To easily measure in tight or restricted spaces. Worksites with stockpiles in small, covered spaces can easily be measured using the iPhone. Likewise, worksites that are located near airports, military bases, freeways, and other restricted spaces can measure their inventory without spending thousands on an expensive surveyor.
  • To spot-check deliveries for dispute resolution. You will have data-backed reports with date, time, and location to ensure that you can talk to your vendors should an issue arise with an order. You’ll be able to better work together instead of pointing the finger without proof.
  • To save time and money. Taking inventory measurements can be time-consuming. You are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on travel expenses. From flights, vehicle rentals, fuel, meals, lodging, training and more, you are investing resources that could be better spent on production tasks that lead to revenue.
  • To better understand the impact of weather and seasons on your inventory. During cooler, wetter months, your inventory is heavier due to higher moisture content. What does that mean for your inventory? The variations in your material densities will impact your month-end financials if they aren’t appropriately accounted for. If you are simply converting your volume measurements to weight, you are exposing your financials to inaccuracies and risks. With Stockpile Reports, you can easily update your conversion rates to account for these variances and ensure that your iPhone measurements are spot on every time.

The power of the iPhone app is undeniable. It’s simple, easy to use, and opens the door to areas of measurement opportunity that may not have been otherwise feasible. If you would like to try the iPhone app, please reach out to us. We’d love to walk you through use cases and set you up with a stockpile management subscription to get started.

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