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Trust is a big deal and we tell it like it is. We do what we say we are going to do. We are there for our customers, starting at on-boarding and then throughout the entire process. Having measured stockpiles in over 35 countries, we have seen every possible site configuration and stockpile you can imagine. Hundreds of companies trust Stockpile Reports to be their partner to reduce write-offs, get inventory under control, and track production.

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Using Stockpile Reports has provided our company with invaluable benefits since we started using it in 2015. The most useful purpose has been used in our monthly inventory process of capturing not only extremely accurate data but consistency month-to-month across multiple sites in our region. Not to mention, it drastically reduced labor hours in the counting process and now our employees can focus on other projects. Some other benefits include obtaining quick and accurate measurements from our suppliers with the iPhone app so we can manage our procurement side with diligence and we can use our aerial photos to help improve material flow and implement planning tools of where to stage our material. Stockpiles has been a tremendous tool that provides confidence and accuracy that continues to benefit our company.

Jay Dunkel, Oldcastle Lawn & Garden

It used to take me an hour per stockpile [to measure] and I'd get 1/100,000 the data and information on the pile that I get now. I'd have to stay overnight to finish ‘Henry’ the big pile. Now, I can go home to my family instead of staying in a hotel.

Jon Gombis, Ozinga

I can’t tell you how much time it has saved us as auditors reviewed our year-end accounts. Before, we spent countless hours in January and February tracking down missing information and sending people to sites to gather info. Having consistent month-to-month data made for a really happy corporate finance team. It would be impossible to put a value on the amount of grief and aggravation Stockpile Reports has saved us.

Mark Crain, Lane Construction

Since we started using Stockpile Reports, we are able to keep our inventory under control, avoiding very expensive write-offs. We currently measure our inventory every month. The website is easy to access and navigate, each pile report is great, especially the 3D feature and history tracking. Overall, we are very pleased with Stockpile Reports and we will continue to use it on all of our sites!

Nestor Nunez, Plant Manager

Century Asphalt Materials started using Stockpile Reports in late 2016. Prior to this, we were dependent upon outside firms for quarterly measurements. Our company expanded in 2008 into other markets west of the Houston area. As you know, using outside firms can be costly. In late 2016, we began performing monthly flights on ALL of our yards to account for monthly reporting. Through these transitions with 20 locations flown monthly, we have had great success in balancing our inventories.

Wade Cooke, Technical Advisor