Taking Monthly Stockpile Inventory — In Summer?

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Taking Monthly Stockpile Inventory — In Summer? | Blog | Stockpile Reports

You’ve heard the saying “Make hay while the sun shines.” Now is the busiest time of the year for most businesses that manage or utilize stockpiles in the US.

Our customers are on-site early in the morning until later in the day, taking advantage of the sunshine and warm weather. Highway departments, construction companies, mining, pulp and paper mills, land reclamation and agricultural project employees are working hard to finish ongoing projects and meet deadlines.

Many companies have told us that they are very, very active servicing their customers right now. They’d like to take inventory every month but are waiting until the quarter ends, as measuring stockpiles usually involves worker down-time, accessibility challenges and third-party expenses.

Taking Monthly Stockpile Inventory — In Summer? | Blog | Stockpile Reports

We understand. It is a tough choice to make: verify product inventory accurately with significant down-time, or immediately utilize materials (and hope there are no issues with buy/sale amounts.)

That’s why the Stockpile Reports system is the answer to your summertime stockpile measurement challenges. You will verify your stockpile inventory quickly and receive accurate results— with minimal impact to your daily business operations.

Measure stockpiles in the summer quickly and accurately by using an iPhone. There is very little equipment needed and no special equipment or extensive training required. Typical stockpiles may be measured in as little as 15 minutes, and stockpile report results are ready to view and download in hours. Our customer support team members are available to help you by coaching and training users remotely. Our team is committed to ensuring that customer stockpile measurements are taken safely, quickly, efficiently with extremely accurate results.

The benefits of using Stockpile Reports during peak season production include:

  • Reducing labor time and third party expenses related to measuring your stockpiles
  • Reducing internal labor costs related to data management
  • Reducing over and under-producing due to improper belt scale calibration
  • Validate buy and sale amounts with 3rd parties
  • Increase productivity and compliance to MSHA regulations
  • Receive automatic audit trails

Summer only arrives once a year. Don’t wait until Fall— now is the time to maximize your business’s profit performance. We want you to be able to enjoy a cool glass of iced tea (or whatever your favorite summertime beverage may be) with friends and family and worry less about your inventory.

Stockpile Reports’ benefits add up to better decision-making, faster inventory turns and lower operating expenses. Contact Stockpile Reports today about our service, or inquire about our  No-Cost Trial.

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