Stockpiles iPhone Application Released

Author: Stockpile Reports

Stockpiles iPhone Application Released | Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports released its Stockpiles application on the Apple® iPhone® App Store.

This stockpile measurement application enables you to manage your construction aggregates inventories online, collect stockpile data in minutes, and receive tonnage and volume calculations within a few minutes to a few hours. Make better decisions, turn inventories faster and lower your operating expenses. Optimize the performance of your mining, quarrying and rock crushing operations with Stockpile Reports.

How Does the StockpileReports iPhone App Work?

Stockpile Reports uses a three-step process to calculate aggregates stockpile tonnage, stockpile volume and location:

  1. Safely collect Stockpile Data imagery.
  2. Synch the Data with Stockpile Reports.
  3. View the Stockpile Results Online.

Download the Stockpiles iPhone application today. Then, contact Stockpile Reports, Inc. about Early Adopter pricing for this stockpile inventory measurement service.

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