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Author: Stockpile Reports Wins Major Industry Award | Stockpile Reports

Great news: we’ve been named one of Asphalt Contractor’s 2017 Top 30 Editor’s Choice products!

Stockpile Reports has been chosen as one of the top 30 products for asphalt contractors. The winners are chosen by the staff of Asphalt Contractor magazine, and must meet tough criteria including longevity and consistency in the market, dependability, productivity and innovation.

“Equipment is the lifeblood of our readers’ businesses — the right equipment choices can mean the difference between a profit or a loss on a project,” says Lisa Cleaver, Asphalt Contractor editor. “This year’s Top 30 Editor’s Choice Awards reflect those products that have the ability to add profits and increase productivity.”

The publication looks for products that represent the latest innovations that are moving the industry forward – something Stockpile Reports is proud to have done. This award is a wonderful acknowledgement from a leading industry publication – but it is our customers’ experience that is the true proof of the innovation that Stockpile Reports has changed an industry.

Jeff Crouse, Materials Engineer at Lakeside Asphalt, has seen firsthand how has helped his company. “Before we had Stockpile Reports, for our year-end accounting, we had to go out to all of our 30+ sites and physically climb piles, measure slopes, and do the analysis to figure out the volume of each. If we measured the same pile twice, we could get a 10%-15% difference – accuracy was always in question. Now, what took 2 weeks is done in a day and half, and all the data is sent directly to me.”

Asphalt contractors who want to stay competitive need fast, accurate measurements of stockpiles. They don’t have time to be doing time-consuming analysis of measurements that are often guesswork. “By offering our customers the flexibility and ease of our iPhone app, automatically scheduled drone or aerial flights, and immediate easy to read reports, we’ve put our customers ahead of the competition. This award is a great reflection of what we’ve done for the industry,” said David Boardman, Stockpile Reports’ CEO.

Stockpile Reports is thrilled to be acknowledged as a Top 30 Editor’s Choice Award! Thanks to Asphalt Contractor magazine for the recognition. To read more about the award and the criteria for selection, please check it out here.

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