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Stockpile Spaces and Places | Stockpile Reports

Last week we blogged about the many types of material that Stockpile Reports’ customers measure.

This week we’re sharing a few photos of stockpiles, the people, spaces and places we’ve visited. Stockpile Reports has traveled extensively this year to 9 countries, experiencing firsthand unique weather patterns, temps and area habitats. These photos capture instances of us personally coaching some of our customers with beginning and advanced stockpile measurement training.

We encourage new customers learning to use the iPhone app to start with beginner-level stockpiles. This is the majority of all stockpiles —meaning there is plenty of space to walk around the entire pile, allowing the user to keep the entire pile (top and bottom) in view with an unobstructed path around the base. If customers can drive a loader around the pile they have plenty of room to record a good iPhone video for processing.

Customers who have measured several piles feel more comfortable measuring more challenging stockpiles. These are piles in locations that force the user to move in closer to the pile due to tight spaces or obstructions. Examples include piles that are placed close together, have stackers or have a simple linear ramp. Some of these piles may be so large that they are not easily walkable, or surrounded partly by bunkers, water or vegetation.

The most complex piles we’ve measured requires walking on nearby stockpiles, walking on the stockpile in question or involves the use of highly sensitive camera positioning and movement. The user may not be able to view the top of the pile. Examples include measuring two-story tall piles, piles that run into each other, a pile that runs up a hill, piles with complex ramps, and very narrow, long piles. Stockpile Reports has extensive experience trouble-shooting these types of piles, and how to get the best measurement results utilizing an iPhone. These types of piles are very doable for customers after we review the challenge and assist them with appropriate measurement processes.

Take a look at these photos as see if you can determine which piles were the easiest to measure for volume.

If you are also excited about getting accurate measurements and want to find out how our system will benefit your business, please contact us and discover what our service can do for you. Your company may even qualify for a No-Cost Trial of our service. Feel free to ask us how we helped customers measure the stockpiles in the photographs! 

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