Stockpile Reports® for Logistics Generates Inventory Levels From Low-Cost Fixed Cameras

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Companies ordering, selling, or transporting bulk materials poised to save millions of dollars through optimized logistics.

Stockpile Reports® for Logistics adds near real time continuous inventory levels to existing logistics software solutions to give companies a giant boost to the return on investment for their enterprise logistics plans. Various low cost fixed camera systems can be mounted in warehouses, shipping terminals, and storage yards to automatically calculate inventory levels, replacing the need for manual entry by humans. These fixed camera measurements can be scheduled to run at given times throughout the day, set to run on a recurring frequency interval, or automatically triggered after motion occurs. The Stockpile Reports® Logistics system sends alerts and notifications, triggering re-orders and providing inventory levels data needed to better organize delivery.

Companies who order, transport, and sell bulk materials have spent hundreds of millions on logistics initiatives but those investments have not had the same industry transforming impact that companies in the manufacturing and retail sectors have seen. Measuring bulk materials currently requires employees to inspect and make estimates, manually entering the inventory levels. This is a very slow, expensive and error prone process. Automated sensing systems have been too expensive to deploy across the entire company. 

Stockpile Reports® for Logistics Generates Inventory Levels From Low-Cost Fixed Cameras
Stockpile Reports® for Logistics Materials Dashboard
Stockpile Reports® for Logistics Materials Dashboard

Stockpile Reports® for Logistics has low cost fixed camera solutions ranging from do-it-yourself iPhone setups to ruggedized industrial cameras with infrared and self cleaning lenses. All of these camera rigs automatically collect imagery, sending it to the Stockpile Reports patented image-processing platform, generating precise and reliable volumetric reports, with no human involvement.

Stockpile Reports CEO David Boardman stated, “In 2013 we made the prediction that the operations of the bulk materials industry would be completely digitized every second of every day by 2023.” Boardman broke it down as follows: “Stockpile Reports for logistics is a giant leap forward towards making that vision a reality. Back in 2013 we took the first step, launching our iPhone application for measuring stockpiles. In 2015 we added the capability to measure from both drones and airplanes. Today we are excited to add low cost fixed cameras to the arsenal of innovative ways to measure bulk materials from imagery.”

Stockpile Reports® for Logistics is currently in beta with customers requiring real-time measurements ranging from hundreds of locations up to thousands of locations. The service will be generally available in Spring 2019.

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