Inventory Management: It’s a Business Operation, Not an Engineering Function

Author: Stockpile Reports


If you haven’t heard by now, Kespry has shutdown. The second heavily funded drone GIS company to fail, just like Airware. Take this moment to make the strategic shift to align with the future: Let’s recognize inventory management for what it is – a business operation, not an engineering function.

CEO and Founder, David Boardman, has observed the decade-old pattern of wild cash infusions for drone and GIS platforms without staying power. “While our counterparts put energy into marketing minor product launches as if they were launching a new Marvel movie, we have been focused on one business problem: how to eliminate write-offs in the bulk materials industry. And with our advanced algorithms, we have automated the process and created a footprint for digitizing the entire bulk materials ecosystem.”

Take this opportunity to make a strategic pivot to position your company for the future. The future is continuous automated real-time inventory measurements that enable great decisions at every level of business operations: inventory management, plant operations, and logistics. Stockpile Reports is the only vertically focused business application capable of digitizing your entire bulk materials supply chain.

A drone GIS tool is NOT Stockpile Reports: Our passion is solving real world problems using digitization technology. And our singular focus is bringing solutions to the problem of bulk materials inventory management. Our promise is simple: Every pile, Any time.

Your talented engineers have 15+ choices to GIS tools ranging from free open GIS tools to industry leading Trimble, ESRI, Bentley, and Autodesk solutions. Don’t make the mistake of investing in another GIS tool to manage your inventory.

If you have questions about services for your account or how we can help you stabilize your inventory management process in the transition from a defunct drone GIS company, please contact us today.

About Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports ™ is the only automated, controlled, and scalable third-party solution for managing bulk materials inventory. We have the only 3rd party Verification and Scoring stockpile measurement process in the world. We verify your inventory whether you capture imagery with planes, drones, phones, or installed cameras. Our patented technology ensures precision with reports that auto-correct obstructions, provide an objective surface score, and measure confidence in toe and base calculations.

Our automated process is easily scalable and reliable. Stockpile Reports ™ processes over 100,000 stockpile measurements each month, providing customers with tangible control over valuable financial assets. Repeatable results provide a scalable and standard, independent method for inventory control which removes user bias and errors from stockpile measurement.

Stockpile Reports ™ is the first vertically integrated service for logistics and inventory management of bulk materials at scale, digitizing images of bulk materials to solve problems with accurate perpetual inventory and supply chain planning. Every Pile, Any Time.

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