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Using an iPhone to measure stockpiles is an accurate, fast and easy solution for our clients.

Many of our clients utilize our measurement solution for multiple sites, with multiple users on a variety of stockpiles.

Customer Training

We love to train customers who have multiple users on-site! This enables everyone to have personalized guidance and have their questions answered on the spot. Training the team means that each user learns not only by observation but also by practice.

We were with new clients recently and trained their teams on how to measure their stockpiles using an iPhone.

Customer Training | Stockpile Measurement Training | Blog | Stockpile Reports

We help our new users learn how to use their iPhone, the way to hold it, learn how to set up the cones, upload data and then view their measurements. Our trainers show the site reports from their training exercises, and each corresponding stockpile report.

Most of our clients enjoy reviewing their results the most while in a training session. It is fun to see the resulting volume reports and contour map created from their measurements. Since training is done on the same stockpile with multiple users, each person can compare their results and learn from each other’s videos.

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