So, You Don’t Like Your Inventory Number?

Author: Stockpile Reports

Your financial statements require inventory measurements that are independent, consistent, and precise. And subjective assumptions such as density factors and base elevations require internal controls to ensure the integrity of your financial statements. The risks of financial error or fraud are too great, and your time is too valuable to allow internal conflicts over report variances to compromise your operational success.

Inventory measurements with Stockpile Reports are controlled. Our industry-leading controls are why Stockpile Reports is classified as a third-party service by major audit firms. In fact, we are the only automated bulk materials inventory solution with a controlled, third-party dispute management process.

Stockpile Reports is the only automated bulk materials inventory solution with a controlled, third-party dispute management process.

Trust Starts with Policy

Company policies for density factors and specifications about products and piles are highly controlled as to when and who modifies these subjective assumptions. The change of control is documented within Stockpile Reports.

If you or someone on the team doesn’t like the answer – sorry, you can’t change it! We manage technical inquiries with a transparent, audited, dispute resolution process.

The Dispute Resolution Process

Customers may make inquiries using 2 buttons when reviewing a report

Ask A Question

You initiate a support ticket on the pile in question so our team can help your users with such items as pile tagging or other administrative functions on the measurement. 

Dispute Report

When you dispute a measurement, this sounds an alarm that kicks our team into action. The entire executed and audited process will be completed within 48 hours. We also do a deep dive on historical data on the same pile as well as reports on the same date. We then contact the stakeholder responsible for inventory in your company (CFO, controller, or internal audit team) and discuss our results. The process is complete when everyone agrees with a measurement.

Our goal is to understand the root cause of any issues with our reports and communicate with transparency. If we find an error in our report, we will tell you. If there are operational pile management issues, we will tell you. With Stockpile Reports™, inventory measurements are consistent, controlled, and rapid, with any picture of any pile. 

If you don’t like your number, rest assured that we will help you resolve the dispute with a controlled process that doesn’t deplete internal resources or create delays with financial reporting disputes.

About Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports is the first vertically integrated service for logistics and inventory management of bulk materials at scale, digitizing images of bulk materials to solve problems with accurate perpetual inventory and supply chain planning. Every Pile, Any Time.

Stockpile Reports uses EveryPoint, a spatial computing platform that supports infinitely scalable data collection and processing for the next generation of spatial computing applications and services. EveryPoint has been building spatial computing solutions at scale, ranging from rapid 3D processing of massive image datasets to global logistics and inventory management solutions. Use EveryPoint to bring spatial computing to your applications and services.

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