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No Business Like Snow Business | Blog | Stockpile Reports

There’s no business like “snow business”– ski resorts, retailers, plow drivers and other businesses are thankful for the fluffy-white stuff.

However, working in the snow presents a mountain of challenges for our clients who want to estimate or measure the quantities of their aggregate stockpiles.

Limited access, icy roads, freezing temperatures and slippery surfaces can be uncomfortable and sometimes risky. For customers in the north and midwest, working in the cold is “business as usual.”

The end of 2013 is fast approaching and we’ve been assisting clients who are working hard to measure current stockpile inventories. We’d like to salute our clients who are braving the season’s unpredictable weather!

Quarry Managers (quarrymen) and Aggregates Managers are experiencing the benefits of using Stockpile Reports’ online service during this time of year. This includes:

  • Increased Productivity: Collect data for each construction aggregates stockpile in minutes. Eliminate the travel time and expense required by a full-time, survey team.
  • Remote Site Management and Site Accountability: With each report, remote managers can visually inspect the quality and state of each pile to ensure proper site management.
  • Employee Safety and MSHA Regulatory Compliance: Collect stockpile data by walking around stockpiles. Use a Site Report to plan, position and manage stockpiles more safely.

If you are a Quarry Manager, an Aggregates Manager, a Construction Sales Managers or a CFO and want easy, accurate measurements please connect with us.

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