The Future of Stockpile Measurement and ARKit with iOS 11

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Apple released iOS 11 on September 19th, and with it, a powerful new augmented reality capability called ARKit. It essentially allows you to see virtual objects projected into the camera view and interact with those objects.

Below you can see examples of all the various ways ARKit could be put to use in your Stockpile Reports iPhone app.

A 2-minute Overview Video of All our Augmented Reality Tests

On-pile virtual stockpile measurement assistance, drop a stockpile in your parking lot, drop a stockpile in your quarry, virtual stockpile information and stats signage, drop a stockpile on your desk, and view your entire site floating in the middle of your office.

Virtual Info Signs on Stockpiles, Dropping Stockpiles In a Parking Lot, and Viewing Virtual Stockpiles in a Quarry Site

Imagine going outside to your office parking lot and dropping a pile so you can look at the pile more on a realistic scale, walking around it and seeing the details of the pile surface. Or imagine being in the quarry, pointing your phone at a pile and seeing all the latest details of how many tons are in that pile along with when it was last measured. Lastly we took a look at throwing a pile into the actual quarry site. This could possibly help in planning your site layout, seeing how much material you could fit in a given open space.

“I Want That Stockpile Measured and On My Desk by Tomorrow Morning!”

In this video we took a stockpile measurement and are able to project it right onto your desk, so you can take a closer look, and examine all its features and surfaces.

See Your Site Floating In the Middle of Your Office!

In the video above, we put together a prototype showing a 3d site map we took from a recent drone flight and projected it, floating right into the middle of our office.

Notice how you can fully walk around your site, moving in close to examine every little detail or move back to see the entire site as a whole. You can imagine where we could place little virtual flags on each pile, showing the product name, volumes, tonnage, and last measurement date. Or imagine going back in time to look at what your site and stockpiles were like last quarter. It’s an exciting world of possibilities!

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