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A recent study by Wasp Barcode Technologies reported that businesses in North America have slightly more confidence in 2015’s economy vs. one year ago, while companies with 50 or less employees are more pessimistic.

These respondents included owners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs and Director-level management.

Similarly, the National Federation of Independent Business said this week that its Small Business Optimism Index increased 2.3 points to 100.4 last month, the highest reading since October 2006.

The NFIB’s survey said that more small business owners view their current inventory of goods as insufficient to meet the anticipated increase in sales.

The ability to project revenue growth, manage cash, manage inventory and track data accurately helps drive and manage growth. However, to increase control, efficiency and business profitability, shouldn’t you utilize the tools available to give you this information quickly?

Cut the paperwork and increase productivity not only on-site, but also for your company’s office.

Stockpile volumes vary throughout the year. We hear from our customers that some measure their piles quarterly, some month-to-month, and in busy seasons many would like to weekly.

However, the resulting stockpile measurement results are not clear indicators that an entire site is operating efficiently— especially if your company has to schedule measurements weeks in advance, or wait days to receive volume results. Your site has already changed during that time.

Make data your ally.

Businesses that want to continue business growth, and be more productive in 2015 need current information and insight into their inventory.

Get greater control of your business with:

  • Increased accuracy and accountability.
  • Knowing what your stockpile inventory is at any one time.
  • Ability to plan where to place or move a stockpile
  • Have up-to-date site inventory data for reconciliation and forecasting
  • Creating an audit trail

Improve efficiency by:

  • Cutting paperwork
  • Spotting errors quickly
  • Reducing third-party measurement expenses and scheduling
  • Receive site calculations in hours

Plan for growth:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Remote managers can visually inspect the quality and state of each stockpile and site
  • View operations and reports globally
  • Lower internal labor costs

Stockpile Reports enables you to measure your stockpiles with our patent-pending platform and service. Our system generates two primary reports for customers: the Stockpile Report and a Site Report. All reports are automated and results available online to clients within 24-hours of data upload.

Using an iPhone to collect data means companies can measure each pile in under 10 minutes, with online-results available to view in under 24-hours. A business could regularly measure an entire site, or even multiple sites, in less than one day.

Want to include Aerial, and UAV measurements into reports? We do that, too. Pile shapes and locations often dictate other measurement methods. Our subscribers have access to all of these methods, and this is especially helpful if you need an entire site measured quickly.

Contact us or give us a call +1 (425) 428-5266 for more details.

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