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Want to document site progress over time, showing cut and fill? Facilitate your project billing and royalty payments? Accurately measure production?

We’ve got you covered. We’re excited to offer our customers an unparalleled service: Progress Reports.

With Progress Reports, you’ll get weekly drone flights from one of our pilots. Each flight will generate an automatic report, showing up on your dashboard. With the first flight report as a baseline, every subsequent flight will use the same coordinates. Each week, our platform takes the flight data and builds an accurate 3D model that can be compared to the next flight. It’s as close to “set it and forget it” as it can get. get.

The reports that will automatically arrive to your dashboard are easy to read and instantly show you the progress over your chosen time range. Our color-coded, renderings will show exactly how much material has been added or removed. Say goodbye to data that needs to be processed to come up with useable insights!

With Progress Reports, we handle all the measurement logistics, including drone pilot scheduling, and our platform handles all the backend analytics, turning the drone images captured into usable, relevant data you need to make your business thrive. With this timely and very accurate data, you have a competitive edge to put you ahead of the game. With Progress Reports, you can automate a costly and time-intensive process, leaving you the time and resources to do what you do best: run the business.


Progress Reports Unparalled Service | Blog | Stockpile Reports

The details: customers can designate up to 3 zones for Progress Reports.

Cost: $2000 per month

Perfect for documenting progress over time, or facilitating your project billing and royalty payments. For $2,000/month you get weekly drone flights from one of our pilots. Reports are automatically generated without you having to lift a finger! Just give us a call, tell us your site location, and designate up to 3 zones. We’ll take care of the rest. Your reports automatically show up each week!

Get in touch with us now to sign up for the Progress Reports service.

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