Conference Presentation and Training Consultations

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Conference Presentation and Training Consultations | Stockpile Reports

The last week of February was another busy week! The Stockpile Reports team was on the road traveling again.

Meeting our clients in person is always fun, and productive. We share what we know while training and presenting at regional events.

Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show

Maury was a featured speaker at the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference in Colorado. For over 40 years, contractors, suppliers, governmental agency representatives, and consultants from the Rocky Mountain West have held an annual conference in Colorado to discuss new developments and quality advancements of asphalt pavements. The Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show draws attendees from throughout the Rocky Mountain region. It is recognized as one of the largest regional conferences on asphalt pavement technology,

Maury enjoyed spending time with current customers, and also meeting new people throughout the conference. He even entered the raffle— and wouldn’t you know it, he won a tape measure! You know tape measures are prized possessions with the team, because we are always using one to correctly measure cone distances.

Training Consultations

While Maury was at the conference, Galen, Richard and Jaxson were training customers how to measure bunkers and stockpiled physical inventory with an iPhone and drone.  The weather at various locations ranged from 35 degrees with 30 MPH wind gusts to upper 60’s short-sleeved weather.

Training new customers allows us to see first-hand their challenges, and answer questions on-the-spot. It is definitely a hands-on opportunity, as we demonstrate step-by-step how to correctly set up, or “prep” as site prior to measurement, how to set up the cones, the best way to hold the iPhone, and walking paths.

Many clients are interested in learning how to measure their bunker inventory materials. We look at their various bunker configurations and assist them with walking paths specific to the type of bunker and pile that needs measuring.

Customers reap the benefits of training quickly. It shows when performing physical inventory counts on their own.

For example, 2015’s year-end physical inventory counts were completed in record time. 78 companies completed their year-end inventory in days, vs. weeks using Stockpile Reports. Details include:

  • 655 locations used an iPhone, drone, airplane, or a combination of data collection methods
  • 52% of all year-end physical inventory tonnage was collected by aerial (airplane and drone)
  • Over 765,000 images were processed for reports
  • 220% increase in material tonnage measured in 2015 by subscribers, vs 2014

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