New Features Added to the Stockpiles iPhone App

Author: Stockpile Reports

New Features Added to the Stockpiles iPhone App | Stockpile Reports

We have updated our iPhone App with significant improvements and new features to make measurements easier and even more accurate!

Wondering if you are moving too fast, or if your video isn’t optimal? Be more confident about your video measurements during recording because we have enabled Smart Collect Alerts, giving you instant audio and visual feedback. The new Smart Collect detectors will ensure that you get great results, alerting you instantly if there is excessive motion, shaking or over-rotation as you record.

Our App now supports measurements taken by a Walking Wheel for both rectangular and cone-shaped stockpiles. You also receive quick measurement calculations as you enter Walking Wheel data without waiting for an online report.

The GPS function has been enhanced and will present an auto-selection of site based on your location.

For you who upload from the computer, there is also a new Desktop Uploader with performance improvements with support for Walking Wheel data.

Snow is melting, and Spring is officially here. Download the newest version of the Stockpiles App, get outside and measure your stockpiles. We’re sure you’ll be glad to take advantage of these new features!

If you have any questions, support and new feature requests, please call or email us. Stockpile Reports is proud to have you as a client and are committed to the ongoing excellence of our product and data accuracy.

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