Monthly Inventory at 100 Sites for $200,000

Author: Stockpile Reports

Monthly Inventory at 100 Sites for $200,000 | Stockpile Reports

On November 13, 2013 at the Washington Aggregates Association our CEO, David Boardman made a claim that the attendees couldn’t believe.

“Within 10 years every square centimeter of every construction and aggregates operation would be modeled, indexed, and analyzed in 3d – every minute, of every day, 365 days a year.”

That was almost 4 years ago. Will we get there by 2023? We will.

The wave of digitization is beginning to crest on the construction and aggregates industry. Data-driven decisions will quickly transform the industry removing billions of dollars of cost from operations globally.

To realize this vision we started by focusing on solving a high-value problem that every company must solve – bringing predictability to your financials by eliminating inventory write-offs.

First, we developed, patented, and launched the iPhone stockpile measurement application and changed the game. Then we launched a network of airplane pilots and changed the game for aerials. Two years ago, when the FAA provided regulations to facilitate commercial drone use, we changed the game again allowing you to fly low-cost drones. Now we are changing the game again by partnering with drone pilot networks to drive the cost out of frequent drone data capture.

To jump-start the next chapter we are offering 1 company the opportunity to perform inventory counts at 100 locations every month for $200,000 a year. And yes – we fly the drones for you. We welcome the opportunity to review the math in detail and compare this offer to your company using internal resources to buy drones, fly them, maintain them, and do all of the back-office work to make the auditors happy. We believe the economics at scale are quickly becoming undeniable. So who wants to lead the next chapter with us?

If you are interested, give us a call: +1 (425) 428-5266

So where is it all going?

Within 3-5 years your company will have up to the minute production data-driven from imagery and lasers. The data will be flowing in from wearable cameras, fixed mounted cameras and lasers, cell phones, drones hovering over site 24×7, and low orbit satellites.

Hang on, it’s about to get interesting! But let’s stay grounded and focused on improving business—one step at a time, one pile at a time.

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