Minimal Training for Maximum Efficiency

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Minimal Training for Maximum Efficiency | Blog | Stockpile Reports

How many times have you wished you had more hours in your day?

We live in a world of continual change. Successful businesses often need to react to changing opportunities by investing in training. This can be challenging for businesses to implement– each of us only have 1,440 minutes in any given day to do all that needs to be accomplished.One of the top comments we hear from customers is that the Stockpile Reports service requires minimal training or measurement experience to be successful. The Stockpile Reports Support Team often coaches new customers on how to use the service in a matter of hours in the field and often over the telephone. Customers can also conveniently access training videos demonstrating proper measurement technique on our website.


Minimal training ultimately translates into a company becoming much more efficient in daily processes. Data for each construction aggregates stockpile can be collected in minutes. Travel time required by a full-time, survey team may be eliminated. Site managers can  inspect the quality and state of each pile remotely online via website reports, ensuring proper site management without the travel.

If being able to manage your time, resources and materials more efficiently is important to you, contact us at or connect with us here.

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