Measuring Stockpiles in the Rain

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Measuring Stockpiles in the Rain | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Can customers measure stockpiles in the rain?

Although darker, drizzly days are depressing for some people, damp weather is no reason to avoid measuring stockpile inventory. Measurements taken with an iPhone in light rain are successful– as long as the person holding it remembers to utilize the same principles relevant to sunny weather.

When recording a video, remember to:

If it is pouring outside, it is best to wait for the rain to subside before measuring your stockpile.

Watch your environment. If you are recording in a busy area, we recommend sometimes going on-site in groups of two. One person can keep an eye on truck traffic moving around the pile.

Wear protective clothing.  Make sure your outer material protects against wind and rain, and you can wear touchscreen gloves. The buttons on the Stockpiles App are designed to be large, and accommodate gloved fingers. Keep your safety glasses or goggles clean and fog-free.

If it is pouring outside, it is best to wait for the rain to subside before measuring your stockpile.

Plan your steps. It is a good idea to walk around the stockpile once, prior to your measurement. Mud, ice and rain can be slippery. Planning your steps ahead helps you avoid puddles and slippery areas. This will also help ensure that as you ‘walk the pile’ your video collect will not be shaky from stumbling.

Move slow and steady. Although the weather may be uncomfortable, don’t rush through your recording. The Smart Collect feature in the Stockpiles App will alert you to jerky movement, going too fast and rotating the iPhone sideways. Listen to the beeps and heed their warnings if you hear them. Although lower light conditions is no problem for improved iPhone 6 cameras, moving slowly and steadily recommended for other iPhone versions.

Avoiding puddles and slick areas prevents accidents and ensures a steady video capture.

Invest in a waterproof iPhone cover. There is a big difference between a damp phone and a wet one. Wet iPhones stop working. If you live in an area that reliably gets a lot of rain (such as the Pacific Northwest) you may want to invest in a waterproof cover for your iPhone. When choosing a protective case consider its bulkiness, potential for interference with your phone’s functionality, shock and water resistance, charging capability and available accessories like holsters.

Measuring Stockpiles in the Rain | Blog | Stockpile Reports

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