James Lobbett Joins Stockpile Reports. What’s In It For You? Everything.

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James Lobbett Joins Stockpile Reports. What's In It For You? Everything. | Stockpile Reports

From Boardroom to The Boots On The Ground, New Stockpile Reports Team Member, James, Wants to Change The Way You Measure Your Inventory.

The Stockpile Reports team continues to grow with the addition of James Lobbett, our newest Customer Solutions Manager. We welcome James and his nearly 10 years of solutions-focused experience. James resides in Seattle, WA and in his spare time, enjoys traveling, photography, and music.

Fun fact: James toured all across the country with his band as a bass player.
Fun fact: James toured all across the country with his band as a bass player.

After completing his B.A. in Finance and Management, James found his way to us through an existing Stockpile Reports customer, Cedar Grove (a landscape materials company). James and CEO, David Boardman, enjoyed discussing the vision and goals for Stockpile Reports and felt that James was innately capable of helping take Stockpile Reports to the next level.

Helping Businesses Using Reliable and Precise Data

James joined Stockpile Reports because of the opportunity to help businesses utilize precise and relevant data to make better business decisions. “Whether you are in the boardroom or the boots on the ground, I want to take this technology and tailor the use-cases to that specific individual because it really applies to anyone,” said James.

“I look back on when I was working for [Regal Entertainment Group], behind the scenes, the technology was complex. But the majority of the time I was on a support call, I was talking to an operator who was working their very first job. They would be hundreds of miles away, but something is broken, and they need help.” It was James’ primary responsibility to provide support and get things back up and running, ensuring they were successful at their jobs. His innate ability to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently is invaluable to the Stockpile Reports’ team.

It wasn’t only the opportunity to help customers and make a difference in the industry, but also the team he would be joining.

“I like the comparison of the Stockpile Reports culture to being in a band. You have a team of people that gotta get things done, and if someone in the room isn’t producing it, it isn’t getting produced,” said James. “There is this real authenticity about everyone on the team.” James wanted to be part of a team that makes things happen, no matter the job title, and support customers’ success in a powerful and impactful way.

The Digital Age & What That Means for the Industry

We all know that the digital landscape is changing dramatically year after year. The impact on industries like bulk material producers and manufacturers could quite possibly be the greatest because they are among the least digitized industries in the market so far.

In our discussion with James, he said, “Being a part of this digital age, being a part of the wave that crashes into this industry is really exciting.” Knowing the positive impact that Stockpile Reports has had on other businesses, James sees it as a real opportunity in the market.

However, he also understands the hesitation behind adopting something seemingly new corporate-wide. In his role, James strives to educate customers on the ripple effect the platform can have on businesses as well. “I am looking forward to bridging the gap for customers, showing them how we use our product to deliver simple solutions in many facets of their business.”  What James is referring to is an improvement in operations overall.

  1. Cleaner Sites: In a recent blog post, we discussed “garbage in, garbage out.” That holds true. As a best practice, Stockpile Reports recommends that your stockpiles be free and clear of obstructions, such as debris, vegetation, equipment, etc. By partnering with Stockpile Reports, you’ll see an improvement in site cleanliness all for the sake of precise and reliable inventory counts.
  2. Reduced Risk: Employees will no longer be scaling stockpiles taking manually inventory counts, risking a fall, or worse. They’ll simply be standing next to the stockpiles, measuring using their iPhone or a drone. You can sit back and know that your employees are safer and you have effectively reduced the risk of injury.
  3. Improved Consistency: If someone asked you to click the exact same spot on a map time and time again, would you be able to do it accurately? Because your employees are no longer taking manual inventory counts, you can bet that your data will be more precise and reliable than ever before because it’s repeatable, which leads to consistency and scalability.
  4. Time Equals Money: We’ve all heard it, “time is money.” By automating inventory measurement and tracking, you’re saving a significant number of man-hours annually, which can be reallocated to revenue-generating production hours. You’re also reducing other operating costs such as travel time and equipment costs.
  5. Dispute Resolution: It’s all in the numbers! You can’t go back to a supplier with a “feeling.” You have to go back to them with data that proves there is a discrepancy in a shipment or delivery. By keeping your sites clean and taking consistent inventory measurements, you’ll find that dispute resolution is easier with data to back up any potential discrepancies.

James is passionate about finding unique solutions to common problems, addressing and overcoming obstacles, and when you engage with James, you can count on him to find the best possible solutions and answers to even your biggest challenges.

Are you a current Stockpile Reports customer? Introduce yourself to James here. Are you interested in learning more about Stockpile Reports and how we can help you? Contact us!

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