Stockpiles App Updated for Mining and Construction

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Stockpiles App Updated for Mining and Construction | Stockpile Reports

This has been a big week for us! We officially announced our newest Stockpiles App update, optimized for the Apple® iPhone®6, utilizing Apple’s advanced iOS 8 operating system.

We are helping construction, mining and aggregates businesses take advantage of Apple’s Focus Pixels and larger landscape display screen, capturing video measurements in lower-light. Stockpile reports are generated quickly within 24-hours, with volume accuracy comparable to LiDAR.

iPhone 6 Stockpiles App Benefits:

Measurement results are produced and documented within 24 hours, with reconstructed video, photo, date, time, material type, tonnage, who measured and date measured are provided with a corresponding stockpile contour map.

Stockpiles are labeled and displayed as both individual sites on a Google Map and as a separate stockpile report. Users can view changing shape of individual stockpiles and locations on site over time.

iPhone 6 camera brings low-light and focus improvements to help reduce sun flare, movement and late afternoon measurements taken at quarries and construction sites in variable weather and temperatures.

New larger 4.7” landscape view enables users to easily select sites and materials via the App with gloves and view through safety glasses.

Stockpile App’s Smart Collect feature utilizes Apple’s new A8 processor. This enables stockpile measurers to review multiple stockpile videos prior to upload, make rotation or speed corrections on the spot, and be confident that the video captures image details necessary to reconstruct 3D volume results.

We’ve already been using the new iPhone 6 to measure stockpiles this week. We don’t require you to upgrade your current iPhone to version 6 to receive excellent measurement results– our team uses a variety of iPhones on-site.

Try the Stockpile Reports service for yourself and receive customized stockpile and site reports. Simply contact us to get set up in our system by filling out the online form.Your company may even qualify for a limited No Cost trial.

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