How Does the iPhone X Work on Stockpiles?

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Thinking About Getting an iPhone X? The iPhone X is the new flagship model of the iPhone that just came out last month. It sports a new improved camera, facial recognition, a faster, more powerful processor, and a new OLED edge-to-edge screen. That all sounds great, but how does it work in the field, in real-world conditions?

It’s Waterproof

The iPhone X is waterproof up to 1 meter (approximately 3 feet). The iPhone X is rated IP67, meaning that it is completely dust-resistant and water-resistant when submerged at a depth of 1 meter or less. It can easily survive those rainy muddy days and being dropped into a puddle.

Better Image Stabilization

The iPhone X comes with dual optical image stabilization, where other iPhone models only come with single. Essentially this extra stabilization protects you against blurry image captures while doing your stockpile measurements.

Faster Processor

The new A11 “Bionic” Processor of the iPhone X is 70% faster than the chip used on the iPhone 7 series. With more power, apps run faster, smoother, and help you get things done more reliably and quickly. It also extends the usability life of your phone. Stronger processors mean you’ll be able to run future demanding apps that cause the cheaper phones to slow to a crawl.

Easy Unlock with Facial Recognition

Probably the coolest thing about the iPhone X is that it automatically unlocks just by holding it up in front of you and looking at it, and swiping up. Imagine being out in the yard or construction site, easily opening your phone even though your fingers are wet or ditry. It feels amazingly intuitive after you do it a few times.

In Summary

Overall, this is a fantastic device. It will be a valuable tool in the toolkit for getting things done throughout your day, and help you be even more successful with managing your inventory with Stockpile Reports.

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