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Apple Announces iPhone 6s | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Apple just announced the release of the iPhone 6s, an updated version of its smartphone, iOS9 with bundled new features and a new color.

Some of our customers may be quite excited about the new Rose Gold color. However, we suspect customers are more interested in the specific benefits that the 6s offers in terms of stockpile measurements.

As you may know, last year’s Apple’s iPhone 6 release offered many improvements, such as a new A8 processor, larger 4.7″ landscape screen size, camera low-light and better focus. We upgraded our Stockpiles app to leverage these features for mining and construction customers.

Here’s a quick overview of the new 6s, and why we are excited about today’s release announcement:

  • Improved camera: 12 megapixel iSight camera, increases the resolution of the images by 50%
  • Improved video: 4K high-definition video, enabling ultra-high definition footage.
  • Sturdier frame: built from a stronger Series 7000 aluminium alloy
  • Strongest cover glass
  • Faster Wifi: up to 866 mps
  • A9 Chip
  • M9 motion co-processor
  • The new iPhones also support up to 23 LTE bands: the most in any smartphone — for better worldwide roaming.

We are most excited about the new video and camera changes. We believe that customers who measure indoor stockpiles and bunkers are going to really appreciate the improved video of the 6s! If your warehouse is lit unevenly, or in lower light you might want to consider getting an iPhone 6s, as it will be able to capture even greater material detail in lower light conditions.

The 6s is arriving just in time for fall and winter. Weaker light outdoors, and rainy/overcast skies are in our near future. This will be an excellent tool to capture more detail in outdoor stockpiles.

In addition to lower light, the temps will also begin to drop in winter. Many of you will begin working in slippery conditions. Having stronger cover glass may prove useful if the iPhone is accidentally dropped.

Don’t have to worry about low light? Great! Customers in sunny areas will see even better results on low-contrast surfaces, such as white and fine sand while utilizing the new 4K video.

The iPhone is available for pre-order September 12. Stockpile Reports’ developers have been working with the new iOS 9, to ensure that our app is compatible with Apple’s release. We are very excited about today’s announcement!

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