iPhone 11: What We Expect on Sept. 10

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Though they are just rumors, the new iPhone 11 will be very similar to last year’s iPhone XS. What does that mean for you when you are measuring stockpile volumes? Is it worth the upgrade? Perhaps, but we won’t know the whole story until it is officially announced on September 10, 2019.

The iPhone 11 is rumored to be similar to the iPhone XS, which means Apple will have to get us excited about advancements to keep brand-loyal fans engaged. Rumors speculate that incremental improvements include more advanced cameras, faster chipsets, and the next version of the operating system (iOS 13). There may be some other features and benefits, but these are the features that we believe benefit Stockpile Reports’ customers the most.

More Advanced Cameras

New camera configurations are likely to be one of the biggest and most exciting changes coming to the iPhone. As reported by Bloomberg, the new iPhone could have three rear-facing camera lenses, giving the iPhone a greater capacity for wide-angle shots. Keeping its competition Samsung, Google, and others at arm’s length, we can also expect advancements on the camera’s capabilities from a megapixel and lens perspective as well.

Advancements on the camera’s capabilities and configuration would be a huge benefit to Stockpile Reports’ users. Why? Depending on the size of the stockpiles being measured, it could allow Stockpile Reports’ app users the ability to capture a larger percentage of a stockpile in a single motion. For Stockpile Reports’ customers who take stockpile volume measurements in tight-quarters, this wide-angle lens configuration will be a game-changer. You’ll be able to stand closer to your stockpile, capturing the stockpile volume measurement without cutting off the bottom. Let’s hope this is nothing more than a rumor and actually a fact. Fingers crossed.

The new cameras are rumored to be True HDR (true to life high dynamic range). In simple terms, this means that regardless of whether or not you’re in limited or inconsistent lighting, you will get a high-quality, seamless, report-ready stockpile measurements. You won’t be limited by your location or light exposure (so long as you aren’t in complete darkness). If you are on an older version of the iPhone and in a space with inconsistent or poor lighting, you’ve probably noticed that some of your photos are either too dark, too light, washed out, or contain dark blobs (that’s a technical term). With True HDR, you won’t experience this issue any longer. So, once again, let’s cross our fingers that the rumor is true.

For those of you who are on a version of the iPhone older than the iPhone X (2018), this might be reason enough to upgrade to the latest iPhone being released in 2019.

Faster Chips

The A12 Bionic chip that powers the iPhone XS is powerful, but the A13 processor that is rumored to power the next-generation iPhone will beat it and it’s closest competitors processors by at least two years. According to analyst Ben Thompson, the processor is “so far ahead of the industry that it will still be competitive with the best Android phones in two years, and massively more powerful than lower-end phones.” This means your phone will be faster than ever and apparently, massively more powerful than any other competing phones on the market.

For customers who are using the Stockpile Reports app on their worksites, this means that you can complete some stockpile measurement validation on your phone, enabling you to receive error reports in real-time and speed up report turnaround times.

Longer Battery Life

This is good news for people who use their phones for everything from email to keeping up with the latest news. Depending on the model of the next-gen iPhone, we could expect to see a larger battery by up to 20 percent, which, in turn, could mean a longer battery life. Estimates range from 2 percent larger all the way up to 20 percent larger, depending on the model.

Everyone appreciates a longer battery life, regardless of whether they are using their phones for personal use or business-related tasks. We’ll be able to skip the external battery charger (or the panicked search for a charger and outlet) with the rumored extended battery life.

Newest Operating System

iOS 13, the newest operating system, will run the nex-gen iPhone. It is rumored to make your phone faster, more secure, and smarter. Some of the new features (available in beta) include a gesture-based QuickPath keyboard, a tool that allows you to block unknown callers (goodbye robocalls), and a Sign In with Apple ID option that allows you to keep your email private and disables user-tracking.

The QuickPath keyboard is a play off of Samsung’s swiping keyboard where you drag your finger from one letter to the next, formulating sentences faster and more efficiently. For lifelong Apple customers, this might take some mental re-training, but for those who are Samsung-fans, this is great news and could bring Samsung customers to Apple’s side of the playing field.

If you are someone that has had the same phone number for more than a year, you know you are on a hundred and one cold-calling lists. You’re prone to spam and robocalls asking for your social security number, claiming to be the IRS, or suggesting your bank account has been “compromised.” The ability to block these harassing and irritating, callers will be a great added benefit for iPhone.

Finally, Apple is rumored to be launching their own “sign in with Apple ID” feature. Much like we’ve seen with Google or Facebook, you’ll now be able to sign in with your Apple ID, keeping your phone number, email, and other personal data completely private. In fact, it’s rumored that when you sign in with your Apple ID, those cookies won’t be able to track you like they can with Google or Facebook sign-in options.

It's All Rumors For Now

While it is all hearsay, for now, September 10th is just around the corner. We’ll know the truth and report back about the newest Apple iPhone soon enough. Apple has a history of being incredibly innovative and game-changing. While they are behind on some features, they are lightyears ahead on others. All we can do now is wait and hope that Apple brings us even more advanced cameras, a longer battery life, and improved usability.

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