Get On Device Processing With the Latest SR Measure App

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Stockpile Reports’ latest SR Measure App supports on device processing – no more uploading to the cloud to get a measurement.

Introducing On Device Processing - No More Uploading to The Cloud to Get a Measurement

We are excited to announce on site answers for the SR Measure app. The new app experience enables rapid measurement results in the field with by processing data on the iPhone. Users obtain operational quality measurement results near instantly and confirm if a measurement was successful before uploading the data for financial level results in a Verified Report.

Stockpile Reports CEO and Founder David Boardman says, “Imagine scanning a pile and then ‘Boom!’ a measurement you can rely on! Hard working crews across all types of construction and industrial sites can now confirm bulk materials without a doubt. You will have the fastest measurement alive!”

How it Works

A measure is available on device within seconds. The stockpile measurement is then uploaded to the cloud for additional advanced processing and automated quality control process to ensure it meets and exceeds all financial and audit requirements. The fully processed financial grade measurement is available within an hour*

To get on device measurements, take a measurement video and then tap the “measure” button at the end of your measurement to obtain results on your iPhone. Currently, this capability can be used on free standing piles only.

The new on site answers experience is supported on iPhone 14 with the latest version of the SR Measure App and is available to all Stockpile Reports customers.

*The average stockpile measurement of piles <2,000 yards with focused imagery, reasonable lighting, and minimal obstructions. In these cases cloud processing may take > 1 hour

The Benefits of On Site Answers

On site answers a provide benefits across multiple industries where load confirmation and job site verification are essential. Leave your site with the confidence of knowing that your measurement was successful and with information that represents the reality of what is on the ground. SR Measure’s new functionality also serves as a useful training tool for new users in your organization.

Jobsite updates: Immediately determine if you have enough material to finish the job and make quicker decisions around material ordering, saving time and money.

Production monitoring: Check in on your plant production at any time allowing for more opportunity to optimize and monitor your production performance against your plan.

Contract crushing: Know what is on the ground before you make a big decision. Reduce over production and avoid the costly mistake of moving before you have put enough material on the ground.

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Stockpile Reports infrastructure is scalable supporting the processing of millions of measurements per hour across 300+ customers in 48 countries.

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