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Football, Business and Stockpiles | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Some of the people who work at Stockpile Reports never tire of football season. The Super Bowl is a bittersweet event.

Regardless of whether or not you are a rabid American football fan, there are many parallels between sports teams and business.

Players and Coaches

In all team sports there are key players with designated roles. Nearly every football player has a unique job to do, while also responsible for covering their teammates. Quarterbacks do not act alone—they are part of a team that includes players with speed, strength players, a staff of supporting coaches and excellent communication between the positions in the ‘field of play’.

Business managers are quite similar to football coaches. They have a playbook with instructions and strategies on how to keep their company advancing towards the goal. Managers and coaches train their players, making adjustments as needed, and know how to play to their team’s strengths. Managers ensure the team has the necessary equipment needed to help their company perform. Simply substitute football helmets and shoulder pads for company software and hardware equipment.

A team doesn’t only consist of individual players. There are also various departments who work as a team but also operate differently. For example, a business Sales and Finance team and an IT team have different skill-sets, but each support the other.

The Goal

Of course, the ultimate goal in football is to win, and be a consistent winner.

How about your business – does it have a plan for success, and a goal?

What is your strategy for achieving those goals? Similar to football players, does each member of your team know his/her role in moving the organization forward to achieve them?

Raising Your Score

Your managers on-site want accurate stockpile inventory, but to reduce third-party expenses and labor costs. The Finance team needs inventory data to be timely, documented and auditable. Workers want safe, fast results that follow best practices, are safe and MSHA compliant. The VP wants measurements made more often and the ability to manage several sites remotely to promote profitability and reduce risk.

If these goals sound familiar to your operation, you may want to revise your playbook and look to us for a competitive advantage.

Stockpile Reports provides the data and knowledge that will improve your entire operation, not just one part of it. Measure your stockpiles with new tools, such as an iPhone, by aerial, or drone. Add our stockpile and site reports into your mix for remote site intelligence.

How can our team assist your team? We’re here to help. Contact us today.

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