A Leap Toward Fully Autonomous Stockpile Measurement

Author: Stockpile Reports

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Our mission is simple: Every Pile Any Time. We will not stop innovating until our customers have data on every stockpile on the planet at any time of day. No touch. Real time. Instant information.

The FAA has approved Ondas HoldingsAmerican Robotics to deploy automated drone technology without human operators on-site at seven additional sites, including a bulk materials site for a Stockpile Reports customer actively measuring supply chain activity in real-time.

Expand Profitability Through Continuous Measurement

Stockpile Reports uses continuous measurement to support the digitization of end-to-end operations and supply chain events, providing instant answers at the transaction or asset level. Autonomous drones expands continuous measurement cost-effectively for large-scale industrial sites. Continuous measurement at our customer’s aggregates site gives a competitive edge because Stockpile Reports has automated the real-time measurement of inventory. Our customer is using instant answers about bulk materials on hand to expand profits through optimization of supply and demand.

“Every step by American Robotics toward full autonomy is significant: autonomous drones provide continuous, real-time information,” says David Boardman, CEO of Stockpile Reports. “With zero touch, high frequency automated data collection, the bulk materials supply chain will be transformed as we can provide answers to enable real-time decisions at any site. This approval is a critical turning point in addressing the market demand for continuous information.”

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Zero touch data collection, whether through installed cameras or autonomous drones, moves us one step closer to scalable solutions for autonomous inventory measurement and accelerates the adoption of continuous measurement as a standard operational practice. This opens the door for mission critical data centers which use automation to manage production optimization and supply chain decisions. As the industrial landscape is digitized, those who have easy access to rich data will win.

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