Dustin Al-Hakim Takes Customer Success to the Next Level

Author: Stockpile Reports

Dustin Al-Hakim with Crowd at a Concert | Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports is honored to announce that our team continues to grow and we have added another powerhouse of product talent to our team. Dustin Al-Hakim has joined the team as a Field Service Representative. He will be focused on field service and customer support, along with supporting our product team on future product developments and much more.

Experience & Educational Background

Dustin studied Business at Boise State University and has an extensive background in IT, product installations, and leadership. Before joining Stockpile Reports, Dustin worked for Best Buy’s Geek Squad for over 15 years. Focused on in-home tech and auto-installs, he was also a district trainer for Geek Squad. In addition, Dustin worked with the product and innovation department at the Best Buy headquarters. His impressive background made him a natural fit for the Stockpile Reports team.

Why Stockpile Reports?

At Stockpile Reports, Dustin will be hyper-focused on product installations of our fixed-camera systems and leveraging those installs to provide valuable insights to improve the process. He will also be supporting iPhone and drone customers with education and training, troubleshooting, and ensuring all customers are successful in their inventory management.

Dustin is most excited about the opportunity to join a team where he can inspire growth and utilize his background in innovation on a daily basis. He is forward-thinking and passionate about finding solutions to unique problems. In fact, his passion for finding solutions to problems extends beyond the day-to-day at Stockpile Reports. In Dustin’s spare time, you can find him building cars and motorcycles, woodworking, working on projects around his house, welding, and much more

Dustin Al-Hakim with Wife | Stockpile Reports

Dustin has been married to his wife since 2014. Together, they have a four-year-old Beagle named Snoop. Dustin plays drums in a band with our very own, James Lobbett. On Saturday nights, you can find Dustin playing the drums with various musicians in Belltown, Seattle, Washington. To learn more about Dustin, please email him at dustin.alhakim@stockpilereports.com.

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