A Day of Accuracy Testing

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A Day of Accuracy Testing | Blog | Stockpile Reports

We regularly conduct accuracy testing with the same types of measurement tools that our customers utilize. This past week we tested a variety of stockpiles with GPS, Laser, by Aerial and with an iPhone.

The stockpiles measured at the site ranged in size—some looked to be over 100 tons each— with varying shapes, steepness and material types.

Planning for this type of accuracy testing can be challenging. First one has to ensure that safe access is available onsite. Next the equipment needs to be available—including having flight plans in place. Then there are the logistics of getting equipment and everyone ready (we used a Faro Laser Scanner, a Trimble GPS, a flyover from Skytech Aerial, and iPhone 5S.)

However, the most important challenge is usually the weather. Stockpile Reports often conducts testing in the Pacific Northwest. Last week’s weather was more unpredictable than usual. There were a few days of heavy rain and wind—and yet the forecast predicted there would also be sunshine and warming temps.

We made our plans, crossed our fingers and waited.

Luckily, we were able to test on a sunny day. The pilot was able to fly multiple altitudes. There were many puddles on the ground, but no high winds or rain, so we were good to go!

Here are a few photos we took at site during testing. If you are also excited about getting accurate measurements and want to find out how our system will benefit your business, please contact us and discover what our service can do for you. We are also happy to talk about the results of our testing!

A Day of Accuracy Testing | Blog | Stockpile Reports
Site Panorama View
A Day of Accuracy Testing | Blog | Stockpile Reports
Puddles, mud and wet boots, but that's ok-- no rain predicted for the day!
A Day of Accuracy Testing | Blog | Stockpile Reports
One of the more challenging steep piles that we measured.
A Day of Accuracy Testing | Blog | Stockpile Reports
If you look closely you'll see the Skytech flyover to the right of the photo's center.

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