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Implementing Change for Success | Blog | Stockpile Reports

We all would like to predict the future, wouldn’t we? If predictions came true, there would be many opportunities for businesses to make more money and reduce risk.

Was there a promising trend in January of 2014 that actually lived up to the hype?

Now that the year is drawing to a close, let’s re-examine a few Technology Top 10 Lists published by various publications and companies:

Adoption of Emerging Technology Predictions

 Predicted trends from the Top 10 Lists above are fairly consistent from list to list for 2014:

  • Emerging markets will grow
  • Usage of various mobile devices will grow
  • Spending and demand for data analytics will grow
  • New apps will change society and disrupt market leaders and industries
  • Internet usage around the world will continue to grow, and connectivity will be expected everywhere
  • Everything will become digitized: people, things, information and places

A major thread in all the 2014 lists is one of convergence: intelligence, agile visualization, and advanced analytics are all coming together.

Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great examples of companies who leverage emerging tools and data as a benefit to their business. They identify patterns, make predictions based on the patterns, and adapt their business to take advantage of those predictions in real-time.

Predicting the Future is Hard!

We agree!

Many companies don’t have the in-house skillsets, nor Google’s budget, and feel unable to make company changes on the fly from analyzing big data.

However, we can review past performance and learn from what is working reliably—and predictably. Take a look again at the Top 10 lists, and it is easy to see what trends are working and have come true.

Is your business current? Ask yourself:

  • Is my business embracing mobile technology and connected devices?
  • Am I investing in ways to collect and store information digitally in real time?
  • Is my business able to share data and measurements easily, quickly and company-wide via multiple devices?
  • Have I made it easier for my customers to make purchases from me this year?

Embrace and Implement Change for Success in 2015

Stockpile Reports provides your company an easy and cost-effective way to engage in 2014’s emerging trends. Our solution works not only for stockpile measurement and volumetrics, but also for your customers, workers, financial team and your company’s bottom-line.

Improve operations and site profitability by performing accurate measurements weekly or monthly using an iPhone. We also support GPS, Walking Wheel and Aerial data collection methods, by leveraging cloud computing and our patented technology to provide accurate online site reports, stockpile volumes, and monthly reconciliation for monthly management and inventory.

There are great opportunities ahead. Benefit wisely from 2014’s trends. Make changes now, make more money and minimize risk in 2015.

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