A Challenging Stockpile

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A Challenging Stockpile | Measurement System | Blog | Stockpile Reports

The team was out on-site earlier this week and put the Stockpile Reports’ measurement system (and our waterproof boots) through its paces.

We collected data on a difficult pile. As you can see it had lots of mud and standing water surrounding it, with plenty of overgrown vegetation and low sun in the horizon.

Mud, water, vegetation and sun flare are challenging to confront on-site, even for our advanced users. Our support team members are happy to offer tips to improve results for our customers who need to take measurements in less-than-ideal conditions.  Our ‘tips and tricks’ are definitely tested in the field!

Here are a few photos taken during the collect. That’s our Senior Research Engineer in the top photo. He’s one of our many team members who work behind the scenes, continuously testing with GPS, iPhone, Walking Wheel and LiDAR.

How did we take these photos? We are fortunate to have a set of Google Glasses in the office. Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD).

If you are a Quarry Manager, an Aggregates Manager, a Construction Sales Managers or a CFO and want easy, accurate measurements please connect with us.


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