Measuring Bunker Materials with an iPhone

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Measuring Bunker Materials with an iPhone | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Customers have collected over 15,000 stockpile measurements using an iPhone!

That’s a lot of stockpile reports, especially considering that our company is new to the stockpile measurement industry. Our patent-pending application and platform is now being utilized by top aggregate producers, construction and mining companies around the globe.

Stockpile Reports continues to grow and develop new business applications based on our computing platform.

We provide stockpile measurements via imagery collected by aerial and drone photography. This is a great option for monthly, or quarterly site-wide inventory measurements.

Now, after months of development testing, we’re offering measurements of material that is stored in bunkers for customers. This capability was rolled out as part of our newly updated Stockpiles App.

Bunkers can be located either indoors, or outside. Material to be measured may be bounded by 1, 2, or 3 walls, in bay areas of varying widths.

Measurement report results are ready within 24-hours of data upload, and can be viewed directly from our iPhone App or online.

Read more about bunker measurements and reports, or contact us for more detail.

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