How We Help Customers Get Accurate Results

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How We Help Customers Get Accurate Results | Stockpile Reports

When we work alongside clients, we really appreciate what they say when using our measurement system.

Although many of us at Stockpile Reports are engineers, we understand that our customers aren’t based in Silicon Valley and are not software techies. Our clients have specialized skills and diverse talents relevant to their market — not writing code, nor spending nine hours a day loading up apps.

Team members work in the field and help train some of our customers. This gives us a firsthand view watching them interact with and use our system. Usually this happens in less than optimal situations—in the rain or in very bright light, in thunderstorms, in busy quarries, in areas with piles placed close together, in very muddy conditions all over the world. We’ve spent hours mashing the app on the iPhone with gloved fingers, viewing the screen through safety glasses, just like our clients.

We’ve updated the iPhone App recently as a direct result of responding to, and anticipating our customers’ needs. Our team also works consistently behind the scenes on collects and system improvements.

This week we demonstrated the system in Virginia, to both a 65 year-old industry veteran and also to a young rural regional manager. Both expressed amazement of the easy process to get accurate measurement results and with the resulting 3D model.

We don’t expect our customers to be computer experts. We understand our customers care about results, not the process.

And the results are consistent: our app is 96-98% accurate, comparable to stationary LiDAR and mobile laser scanning.

If you are a Quarry Manager, an Aggregates Manager, a Construction Sales Managers or a CFO and want easy, accurate measurements please connect with us.

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