5 Minute Business Review: Anatomy Of A Dashboard

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Like the gauges of your truck, dashboards offer essential business information at a glance. Here are SEVEN key areas to monitor regularly with Stockpile Reports Pro no matter where you are– phone, tablet or PC. In FIVE minutes, you can manage an entire site effectively.  

After you grab a cup of coffee, your 5-minute morning review routine might look like this…

The 5-Minute Business Review:

Get a broad view of the sites you manage, the overall conditions around your assets and how they are stored across sites.   10 sec.

—–Watch for—–

  • Vegetation on a pile, flooding
  • Equipment obstructions
  • Safety risks

See if the system needs your attention and confirm piles. 30 sec.

—-Watch for—-

  • Site manager requests
  • Upcoming deadlines

See a compiled list of piles, volumes, and measurement details:  1-2 mins.

—-Watch for—-

  • Manually verified measurements
  • Unexpected pile changes
  • Discrepant measures

Request an inquiry and we’ll gather details and render an opinion to resolve internal or external disputes.

View measurement and products in tons, yards, meters.  1-2 mins.

—-Watch for—-

  • Sum of products across piles and whether volumes are in line with projected orders and production
  • Products that you’d like to add or remove to your report

Verify where the system auto-detected the base toe and surface for the confidence of that measure. Drill down see site factors and how each risk was handled, who measured, and whether it was an iPhone or drone.  20 sec.

—-Watch for—-

  • Piles with low confidence
  • Piles with unverified measures

Drill-down even further for a contour map and rotating-3D model to spot toe and surface condition.   20 sec.

—-Watch for—-

  • Review the video replay of the measurement to see why/where red zones were detected
  • Investigate each pile in detail with high-resolution image zoom
  • Unsafe obstructions (automatically ignored from inventory).

Review a pile’s history to see how it was consumed/produced over time.  30 sec.

—-Watch for—-
  • Drifting piles
  • Visual verification of a pile’s velocity

When you’re finished, download and share the report with your team and discuss your findings. 10 sec.

Use the dashboard as a stand-alone management tool or integrate our data into your own management system by exporting compatible formats like XML.

In 3 minutes, you’ll have a handle on your inventory, financial risks, and how the team is handling the sites even if you’re not there.

Monitor inventory results frequently with our automated technology and achieve little to no inventory adjustments or write-offs.

Stockpile Reports ALSO saves you time in measuring piles.  Compare methods of inventory measures: A Time/Cost Analysis

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