A 5 Million Month Milestone

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A 5 Million Month Milestone | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Our customers are having a busy summer.

In fact, they’ve been measuring so many stockpiles using our system that they have set a new record for total measured tonnage in one month. July’s stockpile tonnage totaled more than 5 million tons of material!

Since summer is also America’s prime vacation period, let’s compare July’s tonnage to popular tourist destinations for fun.

  • The total material in the Denver National Airport located in Denver, Colorado required 5 million tons of crushed stone, sand and gravel.
  • Did you know that the foundation and structure of the Space Needle in Seattle Washington weighs 9550 tons? It would take over 520 Space Needles to add up to 5 million tons of material.
  • The total weight of all the structural steel in the Golden Gate bridge, anchorages, and approaches (in 1986) is 887,000 tons. Add 5.6 Golden Gate bridges together to measure up to July’s tonnage total.
  • The Washington Monument’s total weight is 90,854 tons. You’d need 55 to add up to 5 million tons.
  • The USS Missouri weighs in at 45,000 tons. You’d need 111 to equal our customer’s measurements for July.

Here is a map of our customers stockpile measurement areas in July. Congratulations to each of them for making this a new milestone!

If you are excited about getting accurate measurements and want to find out how our system will benefit your business, please contact us and discover what our service can do for you.

A 5 Million Month Milestone | Blog | Stockpile Reports

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