20 Million Tons Measured by Customers

Author: Stockpile Reports

20 Million Tons Measured by Customers | Stockpile Reports

Our customers have been measuring inventory this April. We’re happy to announce that our customers have reached a new milestone– they’ve measured a total of 20 million tons using our system!

Did you know that the Stockpile Reports system supports multiple measurement methods? Although we are proud of our patent-pending iPhone® App and how easy it is to use, no two sites, nor two stockpiles are alike. Different piles each have varying measurement and access challenges. Your business receives accurate volume and tonnage reports for sites using the method that works best for that location and pile placement. This includes measuring by an iPhone, GPS, Walking Wheel and by Estimate.

If you are a Quarry Manager, an Aggregates Manager, a Construction Sales Managers or a CFO and want easy, accurate measurements please connect with us. The Stockpile Reports team is ready to help.

Take a look at some of the beautiful sites and stockpiles we’ve traveled to, training and assisting customers. We’ve traveled from mountains to oceans, from deserts to farmland. We have clients in 9 different countries– you may also recognize Australia and Mexico in some of these photos.

20 Million Tons Measured by Customers | Stockpile Reports

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