2017, The First Half of the Year In Review

Author: Stockpile Reports

2017, The First Half of the Year In Review | Stockpile Reports

You make the world a better place. You build things, you create the raw materials that allow all of us to have a better life. For that, we thank you.

We’d like to take a look back and see what you’ve accomplished in 2017. It was a fascinating year and lots of things happened. Here’s a look at some interesting data of how the first half of the year went.

Our first customer measured their first stockpile back in September of 2012. Since then thousands of people, in hundreds of companies, across 26 countries, have performed stockpile measurements, and as the end of Q2 of 2017, sixty-five billion dollars of materials have been measured.

As you’re dialing things in, striving to be as productive and efficient as possible, we’ve seen three top business objectives across our customer base:

Top 3 Use Cases in 2017

  1. Eliminating Write-offs

    Write-offs hurt, and everyone has a write-off story. One of the primary reasons people use Stockpile Reports is to manage their inventory, enabling easier, faster, more consistent physical inventory counts. More frequent counts equals catching discrepancies before they can cause any serious problems, making everyone happy and successful.

  2. Verification of Material Purchases

    Ordering materials for the job site or bolstering your inventory levels with outside orders can introduce a lot of risk. More and more, customers have been using the patented Stockpile Reports iPhone to do quick spot checks of deliveries, ensuring the amounts are correct and guaranteeing they have what they need to get things done.

  3. Cutting Costs & Improving Safety

    Customers are experiencing a 10x boost in time-savings when using Stockpile Reports over traditional methods. Quicker inventory means less man-hours spent. Even when considering other new drone-based offerings, Stockpile Reports automates all the back-office work, allowing you to get inventory done faster.

    Keeping people off piles improves safety. Whether using the Stockpile Reports iPhone app or your own drone, you’ll be able to stay on flat ground, out of harm's way, avoiding the risks associated with climbing on piles.

How Do Our Top 20 Customers Use Stockpile Reports?

How Do Our Top 20 Customers Use Stockpile Reports? | Stockpile Reports

Usage by Industry

Usage by Industry | 2016 in Review | Stockpile Reports

Usage Growth

Usage Growth | 2016 in Review | Stockpile Reports

Since the beginning of 2016 we’ve seen almost 300% growth. Everyone is moving toward more frequent inventory counts. Companies are adopting drones at an ever-increasing rate, adding to their measurement toolkit of iPhone and airplane measurements.

Frequency Patterns by Industry

Frequency Patterns by Industry | 2016 in Review | Stockpile Reports

Top 3 Storage Risks Identified Across Our Customer Base

Top 3 Storage Risks Identified Across Our Customer Base | 2016 in Review | Stockpile Reports

Since Stockpile Reports automatically identifies site condition risk, we have been able to see general trends in site conditions across the entire customer base. In addition to equipment, debris, standing water, and buried bases, we’ve seen the above three risks surface as the most common issues that generate inventory risk.

7.2 Million Images Processed

If your full-time job was to go out and take a photo every 5 seconds of your work-day, it would take you nearly 4.86 years to take 7,000,000 photos. Now imagine having to compare every pixel with every other pixel, calculating those pixel’s position in 3d space, generating a visual model and statistics on the volume and tonnage of those image sets. You wouldn’t be able to finish before you retired from your job. Our system is infinitely scalable and handles that process every day.

In the Future…

In the not too distant future we see the emergence of real-time data captured from cameras and sensors on hard-hats, vehicles, front-loaders, stationary poles, phones and drones, creating a real-time flow of production stats, site conditions, and equipment status. Imagine having your safety glasses with real-time stats floating above your crusher, belts, and each pile. You’ll always be in the know.


The Stockpile Reports Inventory Management System is the only solution where you can truly scale your inventory to your entire team. Whether you’re using your own drone, our patented iPhone app, or our network of airplane pilots, you’ll be able to get your inventory done much more quickly and consistently. Your entire team can work from the same set of data: measurers, managers, and finance, all working together in our web portal. Stockpile Reports is the only solution in the marketplace that gives you a full toolkit for inventory management at scale.

We’re here to help

If you’d like to discuss how to scale up your inventory management and eliminate write-offs we’d be happy to discuss.

Feel free to give us a ring at: +1 (425) 285-4303

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